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CINCINNATI, OH (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — An Ohio man is trying to save his marriage using the latest craze in advertising… pixel ads. He’s hoping his website ( will help him pay down the debt that’s slowly destroying his marriage. Can it be done? Mike Browning plans to find out!

Like many couples, Mr. Browning and his wife have been trying to overcome financial difficulties for years. “I’ve made some stupid purchases over the years — cars, a big screen TV, computers, etc.” says Mike, “and now my wife and I are paying for it with a huge amount of debt.” Mrs. Browning recently told her husband that she was ready to sell her most prized possession, her wedding ring, to help pay the bills that have pushed their marriage to the breaking point. “That was the last straw for me — something had to be done. I don’t want my marriage to end like that,” states Mr. Browning.

Mike, a part-time webmaster, said he got the money-making idea after seeing the success of the “Million Dollar Homepage” website started by Alex Tew, an English student who needed money for college. His idea was to sell one million pixels (the dots that make up a computer screen) for $1 USD each. Mr. Tew recently sold the last of his pixels netting him $1,000,000 and making himself a part of history. “If he can make a million off pixels for college, why can’t I make $250,000 to pay off my debt and save my marriage?” said Mr. Browning.

The idea of per-pixel advertising is new to many people. The way it works is a person or business will purchase a “block” of pixels in which to place their advertisement. These blocks are usually 10×10 or 100 pixels since a single pixel would be too small to see or click easily. The cost of these blocks range from site to site with Mr. Browning’s site offering blocks for $25 ($0.25 per pixel). Multiple blocks can be purchased together and used to create larger advertisement areas on the site. was launched in December 2005 and has quickly been building momentum over the past two months. The site saw over 3,300 unique visitors in January and, according to Mr. Browning, is on track to exceed that number by at least 50% this month. “Like every website, it takes time and hard work to build traffic. Luckily my experience running other successful websites has given me an edge in this,” says Mike, “and more traffic means more eyes seeing our advertisers’ spots!”

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NEWS SOURCE: Mike Browning | Published: 2006-02-22 17:52:00

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