PHOENIX, Ariz., April 16, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Soony Costello, founder and creator, Candied Nails, saw a gap in the nail salon market and set out to fill it. Now, the business is growing in leaps and bounds. Her model for success includes long lasting nail art that is not only eye-catching, but affordable too. Candied Nails quite simply puts nail design into the hands of the consumer.

Candied Nails - autumn collection
“There are many large nail companies out there, but none match the service and quality that Candied Nails provides,” Costello says. “Candied Nails cost a fraction of what typical salons charge. It’s great to see people of all ages enjoy designing their nails at an affordable price.”

Candied Nails - halloween collection
With more than 100 choices, Candied Nails uses real nail polish strips that easily apply to nails. And since the unique and fun designs are created with real nail polish, nails not only feel pretty, but remain healthy and undamaged too. Candied Nails are long lasting, and a clear top coat provides for an even longer lasting finish.

“The quality compared to our other competitors is superb,” she says.

Candied Nails’ nail strip designs range from floral, geometric, people and animals to holiday themes, characters, designer choices and more. Some popular nail designs with catchy names to match include: Watermelon, Puppy Love, Cool Girl, Unicorn Fun and Splish Splash. There’s something for everyone.

Candied Nails - modern vintage
In addition, the Candied Nails community has seen a recent growth spurt with the addition of Costello’s new Candied Nails’ Stylist program. Costello offers “blind” wholesale and drop shipping services which makes it possible for others to create their own online business under a different brand name.

“It’s exciting to see how creative people can get with their businesses,” Costello says. “Each person adds a unique touch to Candied Nails to make their new nail business all their own.”

Candied Nails plans to expand its line to include solid color and design press on nails in fun kids’ styles too.

For more information about Candied Nails’ wholesale and drop shipping services:

About Candied Nails

An alternative to nail salon nails, Candied Nails are conveniently ordered online and easy to apply. Candied Nails nail polish strips are also cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic.

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