MATTITUCK, N.Y., March 30, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Capital Industries, a leading supplier of industrial concrete repair products, is proud to offer a solution for concrete cracks in industrial flooring. Concrete is a durable material, making it ideal for industrial flooring, particularly in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and beyond, where floors tend to experience a significant amount of wear and tear. Over time, this wear and tear can lead to holes and cracks in the concrete. Capital Industries highlights the benefits of their KwikBond cement crack filler. This product helps businesses maintain and repair their industrial cement flooring, providing an effective, sustainable solution to a common problem.

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What Is KwikBond?

KwikBond is a 100% resin polyester compound used to fix concrete cracks. Capital Industries created KwikBond to understand that concrete flooring is used in buildings that house various industries and that different industries are bound by different health and safety codes. For this reason, KwikBond is USDA-approved for federally inspected meat and poultry plants and is safe for use in virtually any other industry’s building.

1. There Are Several Causes of Cracks in Concrete

Cracks in concrete are often caused by voids in the soil underneath the concrete. They are also usually caused by temperature fluctuations, such as when heat causes the concrete to expand to the point of cracking. Freezing temperatures cause concrete to become rigid that impacts its strength. As the water in the concrete evaporates, cracks also form. Poorly done concrete jobs have a higher likelihood of resulting in cracks.

2. It Is Essential to Fix Cracks in Concrete Flooring

Even if a crack in concrete flooring doesn’t seem too large, under the surface, the concrete’s integrity reduces, and other benefits like its water resistance and durability are compromised. If left untouched and not fixed, even minor cracks have the potential to escalate into a larger, much more expensive, and time-consuming problem in the future. Once a concrete crack is repaired, the concrete’s strength will improve, excess liquids won’t be able to leach into the concrete, durability improves, prevent corrosion, and the floor looks better safer to walk on.

The advantages are clear, particularly when compared to the risk of not doing any repairs.

KwikBond Offers a Fast, Affordable Solution to Cracks in Industrial Concrete

KwikBond provides a secure, quick set to any concrete finish at any temperature. This USDA-approved cement crack filler is a 100 percent solid polyester resin-based product that is pre-mixed. KwikBond is resilient to corrosion and moisture, and it will not shrink, allowing for a long-lasting concrete repair.

“We are proud to put all the tools to make the most of concrete industrial flooring in our customers’ hands,” said Len Garrett, GM of Capital Industries. “We are experts in repairing concrete flooring, and we encourage you to reach out to us at any time for all your concrete flooring needs and with any questions.”

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About KwikBond

Capital Industries, Inc. is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial concrete repair products. For over 30 years, we have proudly serviced contractors, factories, warehouses and distribution centers for industrial, institutional and commercial customers. We carry a full range of concrete repair materials, including those specifically designed for low temperature areas such as freezers and coolers. Our floor repair products are rapid hardening, allowing you to reopen repaired areas with minimal downtime. All of our products are designed to be used by in-house maintenance personnel and come with an ironclad 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

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