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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — While millions struggle to find meaning in the wake of recent hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events worldwide, a recently published book on Bible prophecy and the Last Days claims that the answer lies in scriptural references not clearly understood by most Christians. In “The Rational Christian,” published by Christopher Creek Publishing, Arnie Suntag reveals many startling facts that he claims will leave even the most staunch athiest reconsiddering the admonishments found in the Bible.

Packed with historical data and often overlooked scriptural references, The Rational Christian presents a convincing and lucid argument that the world is facing its final days, according to its publisher.

“This is not conjecture or a distorted view of reality,” says publisher spokesperson Ruby Doty. “It is a sobering dissertation on why we should all be seriously rethinking our faith. You can toy with scientific explanations from now until doomsday and nitpick all you like, but the information in this book debunks the common arguments advanced against the validity of Bible prophecy. It will send a chill up the spine of most readers.”

Considered by some to be controversial because of its graphic expose of what it calls “unbiblical” church practices, The Rational Christian is garnering considerable interest in light of recent world events. “Our sales are soaring,” says Doty. “We are thankful, because the profits generated by the book go directly into providing desperately needed services in the community.”

The book’s author, Arnie Suntag, says he is pleased that the message in the book is helping many to understand the real significance of world events and to develop a stronger faith in God. “Too many of us have become complacent by arbitrarily accepting what our churches tell us,” says Suntag. “Anyone can discover what is in The Rational Christian entirely on their own, if they would earnestly read the Bible and study history – a subject no longer taught in our schools. The problem is that the colorful fiction we have created in most of churches is more attractive than the real truth, so few are motivated to search for it.”

The Rational Christian is available online at and at select bookstores. For more information, visit Bowker’s or e-mail Rational Christian Ministries at

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