SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 11, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Chad Anfinson is Zanthion’s newest recruit who has accepted the role of Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer. Chad comes to Zanthion by way of the Senior Living Industry. He began his career in the late 90’s as the sales leader for newly constructed Assisted Living Communities in Florida.

Chad Anfinson Joins Zanthion
After 2 years of successfully leasing up multiple projects he set his sights on the operations side of the house. Under the guidance of Southeastern VP and Regional Director of Operations he learned the ins and outs of operating a senior living community. In 2001 he accepted his first Executive Director role of a 120-unit Independent Living Community and 2 years later became Area Director for North Florida.

As his skill set grew, he assumed the role of Regional Operations Specialist and traveled extensively to consult and troubleshoot for Emeritus Senior Living and Summerville Senior Living. Over the course of the next few years he worked at the right hand of Senior Vice President and handled multiple communities throughout the east coast. In the mid-2000’s his entrepreneurial side had him leaving the Senior Living world and he became the owner of a home health operation.

During this time, he took what he learned from being on the side that home health presented to and used this as a tool to grow a business to over 600 clients on average. After selling his home health business he entered back into Senior Living Operations and worked with Emeritus and Brookdale Senior Living. He has held Regional Vice President and Vice President of Ancillary Services in Senior Living, developing many value-added and revenue generating programs.

Before joining the Zanthion team he developed a senior healthcare consulting company with a focus on building and developing new class b projects across the southeast. Chad’s experience gives Zanthion a profound insider knowledge of how Senior Living Communities operate from the trenches all the way to corporate offices. He has a passion for innovation and providing proactive care planning for seniors. His expertise in this landscape allows Zanthion to see things from all angles and set us aside from the competition.

We differentiate ourselves not only by our technology but also by our people. We understand what you do every day and we get how to provide you with the solutions you need for your seniors and business.

Zanthion “we will be there when no one else can.”

About Zanthion:

Zanthion is an AI digital healthcare company specializing in PaaS, the integration of an extensible architecture of sensors, wearable devices, and environmental equipment for group senior living and aging in place—a combination of ridesharing (Uber/Lyft), smart homes, fall detection, and senior care. Zanthion exists to create new and disruptive solutions for seniors and their families to track and detect possible issues and injuries for today’s seniors, using technology to provide a better quality of life for everyone involved.

Zanthion is a pioneer in changing our social environment with future vision, providing solution-based systems that improve the world based on an open source, transparent, crowd-sourced platform and social processes that accurately assess what happened, inform the correct resources, provide resources to the problem efficiently, and keep track of the efficiency of fixing the problem. Zanthion embraces a responsible future.


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