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WASHINGTON, DC – September 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Chattanooga Corp ( announced today the results of successful testing of the company’s revolutionary new technology designed to directly process oil shale and oil sand to high-grade, low sulfur, synthetic crude oil. The company’s patented Chattanooga Process technology was used to produce synthetic crude oil from Colorado oil shale and has now been shown to be commercially viable.

The Chattanooga Process technology offers significant economic and environmental benefits over current processing technologies, including the following:

Socio-economic Benefits

* Commercialization of this technology offers the potential to reintroduce oil shale as a viable option for meeting the world’s increasing demand for oil.

* Significant job creation is expected in regions that have large oil shale deposits. These regions are located primarily in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

Environmental Benefits

* Dry processing of resource material eliminates water pollution and greatly reduces water usage.

* Greenhouse gas emissions are substantially reduced.

* Land reclamation can proceed concurrently with mining operations.

* The plant footprint is smaller than facilities using current technologies.

* Proven commercial processes are used to remove 99.8% of all sulfur as elemental sulfur.

Energy Saving Benefits

* The process is energy efficient.

* The process produces the plant’s steam requirements for motive and electric power.

* Waste heat is also recovered throughout the process using commercially proven systems.

In addition to oil shale, this technology is also designed for applications as an upgrader for various oil sources. In all applications, the Chattanooga Process redefines the production economics of using non-conventional oil reserves to meet the growing global demand for oil. These reserves include oil shale and oil sand that are exceedingly abundant (over 3 trillion barrels) in the United States and Canada. The advantages of this breakthrough technology include lower capital and operating costs that offer the promise of using oil shale and oil sand reserves to significantly reduce US dependence on foreign sources of petroleum.

The application of the company’s proprietary technology uses a specially designed reactor that is heated and pressurized by recycled hot hydrogen that is replenished as reactions take place. Chattanooga Corp developed and owns the patents on this technology and continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio, including additional patent filings in the US and Canada. The Chattanooga Process also takes advantage of a series of commercially proven sub-processes, thereby reducing the risks and costs of implementing this technology. A demonstration-size plant is being considered for several locations in both the US and Canada.

Additional testing on Kentucky shale is scheduled for later this month. Testing is being conducted by the National Centre for Upgrading Technology (NCUT) at their research facility in Devon, Alberta, Canada. These results follow earlier testing that had been conducted at NCUT, which proved the reaction kinetics of the Chattanooga Process for both oil shale and oil sands.

About Chattanooga Corp:

Chattanooga Corp is a technology company founded by an experienced team of energy industry professionals to create processes for converting oil resources into synthetic crude oil. Additional information can be found at:

For more information contact: J. Patrick Doyle, President and CEO of Chattanooga Corp, +1-518-828-4548,

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