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“PicoTCA” system substantially reduces barriers to developing MicroTCA systems

SAN JOSE, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In conjunction with its recent introduction of a second generation MicroTCA Virtual Carrier Manager, CorEdge Networks, Inc., will be demonstrating a working version of its first generation MicroTCA / AMC test chassis system (CEN-MTCv1.0) during the Hardware Session at the AdvancedTCA Summit in San Jose, CA on December 7, 2005 from 8:30AM – 10:00AM.

The MicroTCA / AMC test chassis system is part of the industry’s first integrated AMC Test Platform (CEN-ATPv1.0) that CorEdge Networks is introducing. Major elements of the CEN-ATP include the MicroTCA / AMC test chassis system (CEN-MTCv1.0), AMC test board (CEN-ATBv2.0) and AMC mechanical test fixture (CEN-ATFv1.0).

The integrated AMC test and development platform, which is low cost, off-the-shelf and self-contained, significantly reduces AMC development time. The AMC test platform is specifically designed to support internal AMC development and provides an “engineering-friendly” AMC infrastructure. AMC test platform users are able to defer purchase of “full” ATCA development systems, and a customized AMC test platform can be developed at low cost to meet company-specific requirements.

Said Will Chu, the President of CorEdge, “Customers need fast and cost effective means to get to market with ATCA, AMC, MicroTCA compliant solutions, without incurring huge testing costs. To meet this need, CorEdge Networks has developed an AMC Test Platform to enhance internal AMC development. The general reaction by most developers when they see the Test Platform is ‘How quickly can I buy some?'”

MicroTCA / AMC Test Chassis System – First PicoTCA Implementation

The MicroTCA / AMC Test Chassis (CEN-MTCv1.0) is a small, self-contained chassis-based test system that supports testing of multiple AMCs. The CEN-MTCv1.0 supports either two AMCs with integrated shelf management, or one MicroTCA VCM and one AMC to simulate a MicroTCA system. The term ‘PicoTCA’ reflects the extremely small size of the system (8″ x 10″ x 1.7″) compared to a traditional 19″ or 23″ rack-mounted MicroTCA system. The CEN-MTCv1.0 is the first PicoTCA implementation of a MicroTCA system. The AMC test chassis is simple to use; easy to setup and tear down; low cost; and is self-contained with a small footprint. It requires a minimal learning curve, and enables applications developers to focus on applications development. Future chassis releases will support additional AMCs.

AMC Test Board

The AMC Test Board v2.0 (CEN-ATBv2.0) is a low cost, self-contained, engineering-friendly single AMC test platform that can be used by hardware and software engineers for design, debug and development; and by manufacturing engineers as part of a manufacturing test plan. The CEN-ATBv2.0 features include: support for one single-wide or double-wide AMC; one replaceable B+ AMC connector; 12V power jack; condensed CorEdge Networks platform-independent IPM-Controller to bring up the AMC; exposed connections for redundant synchronization of clocks 1/2/3; RS232 Ethernet to AMC; RS232 to AMC; RS232 to IPM-C; four reset switches (local boot/user, AMC reset, system resent, AMC boot/user); and geographic address support.

AMC Test Fixture

The AMC Test Fixture (CEN-ATFv1.0) is a hardened mechanical fixture designed to support AMC testing and manufacturing. The CEN-ATFv1.0 comes bundled with CorEdge Networks ATCA/AMC Struts and Card Guides, to provide a complete AMC mechanical infrastructure.

About CorEdge Networks

CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of IP/chips, sub-system and system-level products. Through its dynamically programmable Multi-Protocol Communications Engine, Multi-Protocol Switch Fabric, and advanced digital and mixed-signal technologies, the company develops and markets networking products that enable high performance, scalable, flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for ATCA and MicroTCA applications.

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