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VCM makes possible commercialization of MicroTCA by mid-2006

BOSTON, MA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — At the MicroTCA Subcommittee face-to-face meeting in Chicago, IL from November 28-30, 2005, CorEdge Networks, Inc. demonstrated a working version of its second-generation MicroTCA Virtual Carrier Manager (VCM) to the MicroTCA Subcommittee members. This represents a critical milestone in the commercialization of MicroTCA by mid-2006.

The CorEdge Network MicroTCA VCM was developed at the request of the PICMG MicroTCA Subcommittee, and is the only working MicroTCA VCM in the industry. To ensure interoperability, CorEdge worked closely with major chassis, connector, system and board level participants on the Subcommittee.

Said Mike Franco, MicroTCA Subcommittee Chairman, “CorEdge Networks has played a critical role in helping to commercialize MicroTCA. Their creation of a working VCM is a tremendous achievement, without which we would not have a working system today. The industry owes them a tremendous debt of gratitude.”

VCMs play a central role in MicroTCA systems, and are technically complex. They contain Intelligent Platform Management Interface software (IPMI) that manages up to twelve Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) and the MicroTCA chassis, in a manner analogous to a shelf manager on ATCA systems. In addition, VCMs provide base channel switching for up to twelve AMCs in a manner analogous the switching function performed by AMC carrier cards in ATCA systems; future VCM cards will support Fabric / Fat Pipe switching as well. All of this functionality is delivered in an AMC.0 form factor (75mm x 181mm), which makes the CorEdge Networks VCM a technical tour de force.

The CEN-VCMCv2.0 conforms to a single-width, extended full-height AMC form factor. It serves as an IPM-Controller for up to twelve AMCs and provides a Layer 2 unmanaged, non-blocking, low latency Ethernet 14-port switch with twelve 1Gbps Ethernet (1GigE) channels that support up to twelve AMCs on the backplane (1GigE per AMC) and two 1GigE uplink I/O ports located on the VCM face plate. The face plate also supports a micro-DB15 interface for Telco Alarms, a push-button reset switch and status LEDs.

Going forward, CorEdge intends to continue to support the MicroTCA effort, and anticipates offering commercially available product soon after ratification of the PICMG MicroTCA 1.0 specification, anticipated in early 2006. To facilitate rapid market penetration, CorEdge has developed a new low cost design for its upcoming VCM 3.0 scheduled for release in early 2006, with a volume price target of $200. CorEdge also will be introducing a Fabric / Fat Pipe switching functionality and other enhanced management capability in future VCMs.

Said Will Chu, the CEO of CorEdge, “CorEdge Networks intends to be a leader in the MicroTCA market, with products that are both technologically superior and also low cost. We have been gratified at the level of industry acceptance that CorEdge Networks has achieved, and we intend to continue our leadership position in the period going forward.”

About CorEdge Networks

CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of IP/chips, sub-system and system-level products. Through its dynamically programmable Multi-Protocol Communications Engine, Multi-Protocol Switch Fabric, and advanced digital and mixed-signal technologies, the company develops and markets networking products that enable high performance, scalable, flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for ATCA and MicroTCA applications.

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