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SAN RAMON, Calif. – August 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — CorEdge Networks, Inc., a leader and innovator in ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) and MicroTCA switching equipment, will showcase two low-latency non-blocking Ethernet switches with demonstrated performance of under 3.5 microsecond delay at the 13th annual IEEE Symposium on high performance interconnects. The Hot Interconnects show will take place on August 17~19, 2005 at the William R. Hewlett Teaching Center at Stanford University in California.

The first product demonstration will be a 2U ATCA-based port switch using a CorEdge Networks cutaway carrier card and two Advanced Mezzanine Cards, each with four 1Gigabit Ethernet inputs/outputs. In this demonstration, the CorEdge Networks device will be switching between two Dell servers, each equipped with a Level 5 Networks’ EtherFabric Network Interface Card (NIC). Using Network Protocol Independent Performance Evaluator (NetPIPE) benchmarks a total application-to-application delay of under 15 µsec will be demonstrated; the delay attributable to the CEN switch alone was under 3.5 µsec. The detailed results can be downloaded at

“Until now, High Performance Computing users with low latency requirements were forced to use high cost, incompatible solutions such as Infiniband, Quadrics and Myrinet. While many people have wanted to use Ethernet, this has not been possible, due to high latency associated with Ethernet equipment. Now, with innovative products from companies like CorEdge and Level 5 Networks, users can enjoy the low cost of Ethernet with the low latency of Infiniband,” Said Will Chu, president of CorEdge Networks.

“We were confident that the combination of our high performance EtherFabric NIC coupled with a low latency CorEdge switch would serve as a proof-point that that Ethernet is a viable option for low-latency HPC environments.” Level 5Networks, the inventor of EtherFabric low-latency Ethernet NICs, complements low-latency switches for a full end-to-end solution. “EtherFabric complements the high performance Ethernet solution by providing an efficient server network interface,” said Craig Easley, Director of Product Marketing at Level 5 Networks.

In addition to low latency, CorEdge Network’s highly programmable multi-protocol architecture will allow HPC users to customize their switches in a manner not possible with Infiniband or Myrinet. Also, by using ATCA-compliant hardware that has been designed to telco standards, HPC users can benefit from five-nines availability (99.999%).

CorEdge Networks also will be showing a MicroTCA-based switch with similar performance characteristics using a CorEdge Virtual Carrier Manager Card and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet Advanced Mezzanine Cards. MicroTCA is a lower cost form of ATCA in which Advanced Mezzanine Cards are attached directly to a backplane without the need for carrier cards.

At Hot Interonnects, CorEdge Networks’ Executive Chairman, Bart Stuck, will be discussing the prospects for high performance Ethernet switching as a panelist on the “Ethernet vs. Ethernot” panel along with other distinguished industry and technical luminaries.

About CorEdge Networks

CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of IP/chips, sub-system and system-level products. Through its dynamically programmable Multi-Protocol Communications Engine, Multi-Protocol Switch Fabric, and advanced digital and mixed-signal technologies, the company develops and markets networking products that enable high performance, scalable, flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for ATCA, MicroTCA, HPC and Data Center applications.

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