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COLUMBUS, OH – August 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Public Health Information Services, Inc. (PHIS), an Ohio healthcare corporation, announced today that it is seeking individuals and animals recently diagnosed with cancer to participate in a distance healing study. Registered nurse and company president, M. Sue Benford, has been researching various complementary and alternative healing techniques for almost a decade and believes she has found a modality with widespread potential. The technique, known as “bioenergy” healing has demonstrated success in seven clinical trials with mice and in less rigorous studies with humans for over thirty years.

“We have found one particular individual who has repeatedly been able to cause spontaneous remissions in both animals and humans under controlled conditions,” claimed Benford. “Not only do the experimental animals remit in the studies but the control animals often remit, too, regardless of how far away they are from the healer or experimental mice. Just the fact that the controls are a part of the overall experiment apparently includes them in the treatment group.” Benford says that it is this observation that gave her the idea for a distance healing study.

According to Benford, two subjects have already demonstrated improvement in the study. The first was a dog diagnosed with an aggressive oral cancer, which the veterinarian held little hope of curing. Unbeknownst to Benford, her assistant, the dog’s owner, enrolled the dog in the experimental group. Within two weeks, the dog’s tumor completely disappeared much to the bewilderment of the veterinarian. A second subject, a breast cancer patient in the former Soviet Union country of Georgia, was also enrolled in the experimental group. Within one month, the woman began to notice softening and shrinking of the tumor as well as the typical signs of this immuno-stimulating bioenergy therapy, which includes local heat and tenderness.

Benford points out that this technique has been less than successful on patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. “For some reason, chemotherapy and radiation offset the effects of the bioenergy therapy. Although we wouldn’t turn away anyone wanting to enroll in our study, we are primarily seeking people and animals who have not yet undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation.”

Benford points out that there is no cost to enroll in the study; however, enrollment numbers will be limited to keep the project manageable. People selected to participate will receive a consent form to sign and be asked for basic information and a recent photo. Participants must be receiving routine medical evaluations to monitor their progress during the study.

Benford concludes, “Obviously we can’t offer anyone any type of guarantee that this approach will cure them of cancer but, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s certainly worth a try if you or a loved one has cancer.”

Those interested in being considered for enrollment in the study should contact PHIS, Inc. at or tollfree at 1-877-764-2843.

News issued by: Public Health Information Services, Inc.

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NEWS SOURCE: Public Health Information Services Inc. | Published: 2005-08-01 12:31:00

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