NEW ORLEANS, La., March 16, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — David Nour, enterprise growth strategist, and thought leader on Relationship Economics®, will be presenting the keynote address at the 2015 ProfitStars® Educational Conference and Technology Showcase (PEC) on March 17, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana.

David Nour, CEO and Founder of The Nour Group Inc., is an enterprise growth strategist and the thought leader on Relationship Economics® — the quantifiable value of business relationships. He advises global leaders and boards of corporations, associations, and academic forums on disruptive innovations to fuel their growth.

In a global economy that is becoming increasingly disconnected, The Nour Group, Inc. has attracted consulting engagements from over 100 marquee organizations in driving unprecedented growth through unique return on their strategic relationships. David Nour has pioneered the phenomenon that relationships are the greatest off balance sheet asset any organizations possesses, large and small, public and private.

In his role as the opening keynote speaker of the ProfitStars® Educational Conference and Technology Showcase (PEC), David will lead a discussion on how to develop a digital strategy and will introduce its attendees to the 10 Relationship Impact Moments, on- and off-line, to help to engage and influence others.

“Having heard David speak so dynamically at the Association for Financial Technology (AFT) Fall Summit to a group of senior financial technology executives on the significance of individual, team and organizational relationships, I immediately saw the value and potential impact for our clients,” said Russ Bernthal, President of ProfitStars®, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (JHA).

“Jack Henry & Associates’ core values of Passion for Customer Service, Relationships, Integrity, Drive for Results, and Excellence (PRIDE) are evident in how the ProfitStars employees view their relationships as the most important facet of their respective role and realm of responsibilities,” commented David Nour. “Visionary leaders such as Russ Bernthal understand that ideas embedded in Relationship Economics are absolute differentiators in any organization when they’re understood, internalized, and applied,” Nour added.

“The financial technology sector is going through an evolution, where products and service alone will no longer suffice in helping banks and credit unions create a differentiated experience,” mentioned Scott Mills, APR, President of the William Mills Agency. “As a member of the program committee for the AFT Fall Summit, we proactively sought David Nour and his thought leadership on Relationship Economics to help the sector executives better understand and support their organization’s efforts to become more intentional in the relationships they choose to invest in. It’s delightful to see ProfitStars taking David’s message of creating meaningful, impactful relationships to their customers at their upcoming PEC,” Mills added.

About ProfitStars:
As a diverse, global division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (JHA), ProfitStars® combines JHA’s solid technology background with the latest breakthroughs in six performance-boosting solution groups – Financial Performance, Imaging, Payment Solutions, Information Security & Risk Management, Retail Delivery, and Online & Mobile. Explore the power of ProfitStars-enhanced performance at

About The Nour Group, Inc.:
The Nour Group, Inc., advises global leaders and boards of corporations, associations, and academic forums on disruptive innovations to fuel their growth. Founded in 2002 by global business advisor, international speaker and best-selling author of Relationship Economics®, David Nour, the Nour Group has attracted clients including KPMG, Siemens, Disney, IBM, Gen Re, Amerinet and over a hundred other marquee organizations in the evolution of their business models. The firm’s services range from strategic advisory, keynote speaking and facilitation of executive discussions, to training and development, coaching and mentoring, all aimed at fueling personal, team-based and organization-wide growth through the art and science of business relationships.

To learn more about Relationship Economics®, or how The Nour Group, and its founder, David Nour can help your organization reach its relationship networking potential, visit or contact Stacey Doyle at or 888-339-1333.

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