STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 6, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The time is now. planet .ECO® affirms that environmental justice is social justice and is illustrating that belief through its creation – .ECO, a transformative brand that unites individuals and organizations committed to combatting climate change. .ECO empowers digital eco like no other product or service by helping consumers, brands and advocates to globally advance sustainability solutions.

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Inspired by the belief that “inclusion is the solution,” .ECO asserts that clean air, water and soil are basic human rights that all communities across the planet deserve. Addressing disparities in exposure to pollution in communities of people of color is an important part of its mission.

“Ensuring that everyone has a healthy environment is a challenge that requires global collaboration among all stakeholders; big and small players alike must play their part,” Moses W. Boone, president and co-founder, .ECO says.

The .ECO brand provides trailblazing, domain, licensing, advertisement agency and verification services that allow a global community of companies, consumers and advocates to connect and promote initiatives that protect and preserve the planet for future generations.

.ECO platforms recognize and promote .ECO community members who work to realize true environmental sustainability for all. The platform includes petitions to take the pulse of the community about key issues associated with environmental justice and the protection of the planet.

planet .ECO, CEO and co-founder, Jean William says, “The .ECO brand has always been clear that inclusion is the solution. We are proud to promote the use of .ECO as a way to empower and connect all communities, individuals, professionals, organizations, experts and governments to support a wide variety of projects focused on collaborative efforts to combat climate change.”

The open and unified .ECO brand aims to ensure that all stakeholders’ voices are heard. The creators of the brand believe now is the time to correct society’s disparities.

.ECO® brands are the exclusive U.S. registered trademarks of planet .ECO LLC.

About planet .ECO, LLC

Since 2009, planet .ECO has been the exclusive registrant of .ECO and continues to provide .ECO domain, database management and advertising agency services. planet .ECO is a purpose-driven organization aimed to create platforms and opportunities for people and organizations committed to fighting climate change. The .ECOnide Giveback Program pledges to donate five percent of its .ECO domain name related registrations, pre-tax profits to sustainable projects.

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