WILMINGTON, N.C., Aug. 4, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Facilities Planning Services Group has announced the formation of the FPS Re-shoring Team. This team of specialist will help USA companies relocate their manufacturing operations back to the mainland to lessen their dependency on offshore outsourcing of critical raw materials, components, or wholesale product supply. This also applies to non-USA companies wishing to establish operations in the USA.

FPS - Facilities Planning Services Group
Established in 1972, the FPS Group has an international reputation for superior performance in facilities planning and technology implementation in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. The re-shoring team was created by Lin Brown, President of Facilities Planning Services to focus on supply chain issues highlighted by the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic and China-USA trade war have acutely raised awareness about the vulnerability of the USA to protect its citizens during national emergencies. When a sudden spike in demand goes well beyond capacity, or a supply logistics shock, the impact can be deadly. Pandemic related shortages of medical supplies, materials and equipment clearly highlighted the nation’s vulnerability. As a result of these unintended consequences, many companies, encouraged by the government, are re-thinking their offshore supply chains and operations.

FPS GROUP’s re-shoring team was created specifically to help companies relocate back to the USA while maintaining critical customer service levels. FPS re-shoring services provide complete site selection, production process planning & implementation, identifying or solving labor issues, restructuring strategic supply chains, discovering comprehensive financial and tax incentives, the moving of physical assets, staff training, and making strategic destination contacts.

Members of the Re-shoring Team have had direct experience with Fortune 500 companies as well as federal and state governments and its agencies: Caterpillar, Asian-Pacific, Toyota, Smithfield, Pepsi Bottling, Carolina Turkeys, Boar’s Head Provisions, and First Citizens Bank; US Dept. of Labor, N.C. Utilities Commission, and Richmond Federal Reserve are examples. The team has international contacts/references in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Brown encourages managers to use current and unfolding disruptions to assess their supply strategies and initiate actions that will improve their resilience in the future. Areas of focus include: 1) Plan to diversify sources for critical components and materials. 2) Where diversification is not possible, reconsider what levels of safety stock or strategic inventory reserves are appropriate. 3) Examine logistics bottlenecks and plan alternatives, including re-location.

In addition to Brown, the re-shoring team members are Jeff LeClair, Supply Chain Management and Logistics; Dennis Pittman, Human Resources Strategic Planning and Management; James Patterson, Strategic Communications / Media and Government Relations; Dan Quinn, Operations Management and Strategic Planning and FPS President Lin Brown, Modeling Manufacturing and Distribution Operations and Systems.

For more information, contact Lin Brown, FPS Group, Wilmington, N.C. at (910) 617-6950. Email: Lin@FacilitiesPlan.com

Learn more about the company at: https://facilitiesplan.com/

News Source: Facilities Planning Services Group