BALTIMORE, Md., June 20, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Charles Street Research (CSR), a financial research and publishing think tank based in Baltimore, Maryland, recently revealed a brand new performance index for one of their top research services.

Charles Street Research

  • Retirement and income expert Charles Sizemore leads development of portfolio strategy merging value and momentum metrics
  • Index backtested over 20 years to cover wide range of market environments and two major crashes
  • Overall performance phenomenal… shows results that would have crushed all major benchmark indexes.

Developed by Charles Sizemore, CSR’s Chief Retirement and Income Strategist, the FLEX-10 Index tracks the performance of a model portfolio comprised of the market’s top ten value and momentum stocks each month.

Not to be confused with benchmark indexes like the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq, the FLEX-10 Index tracks a very small, selective group of stocks based on 27 different criteria. The index is updated monthly to reflect the rapidly changing market environment.

“For the past decade, many investors have felt like geniuses riding this ten-year bull market,” Sizemore says of the new index. “But those outstanding gains have primarily been driven by about 10-20 high-flying stocks.”

“Now, we’re starting to see many of those stocks come under pressure. Anyone investing in a fund that tracks a broad market index is at increased risk in the months ahead. And if we’re headed for a recession, anyone broadly invested in the market is likely to get crushed, just like in 2008.”

Sizemore’s FLEX-10 Index is designed to perform in any market environment, including a hedged position when volatility starts to pick up.

While he’s the first to admit this strategy won’t outperform the benchmarks every month, he’s extremely confident in the long-term outlook.

“We ran an aggressive backtest all the way back to 1999 to test this out. I’m confident we’ve covered just about every market condition, including two major market crashes. While recently value stocks have fallen a bit out of favor, I expect the FLEX-10 Index to vastly outperform the benchmarks over the next decade.”

To learn more about the FLEX-10 Index, access Sizemore’s recent presentation, delivered to Charles Street Research subscribers at The Rich Investor.

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