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NEW YORK, NY – May 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Faced with the challenge of replacing incomes or lost savings due to company bankruptcy, corporate scandal, job migration, or simply career disillusionment, more and more Americans are opting out of traditional career paths and seeking to profit from their passions. According to Passion Profit Company founder Walt Goodridge in his latest book, “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” (ISBN 0974531324; $24.95), there’s a wealth of research, success stories, and step-by-step guidance available to those seeking to use their hobbies, talents and interests as the basis of a business, to become what he calls “passionpreneurs.”

Photo Caption: Book jacket cover for “Turn Your Passion Into Prodit” by Walt Goodridge.

“This trend is not a new phenomenon,” Goodridge explains. “It represents a return to an economic model of self-sufficiency that existed over 100 years ago.Before the Industrial Revolution, 80% of the population were entrepreneurs. One either worked the land, bartered, or had a skill that was used to survive. It was only with mechanization and industry, which required labor in factories, that people moved away from being self-sufficient, to working for someone else. People lost sight of their inborn talents and skills. And that’s how it’s been for close to a century. But that’s starting to change. People are realizing that it’s next to impossible to raise their standard of living working a nine-to-five job.”

Indeed, studies are finding that rather than working longer hours, asking for raises, or getting extra jobs, many people are questioning their assumptions about how to make money. They are looking inward and asking, “Why am I here?” “What’s my passion?” “What would I rather spend my days doing?” It’s this new wave of “passion-centered” thinking and entrepreneurship that is redefining the standard business model, and represents a demographic overlooked by statisticians who claim a slowly rebounding labor market.

According to Goodridge’s Passion Profit Philosophy and Formula, everyone has a passion; every passion has inherent value, and thus can be the basis of a passion-centered business –a venture that generates income while allowing an individual to engage in more personally fulfilling, purpose-oriented activities. Goodridge’s book, unique coaching and workshops, based on 7 years of research, has struck a chord with working moms, college graduates and frustrated employees in general. It takes people through a revealing and ultimately profitable process: 1) Finding your Purpose, 2) Discovering your passion and its hidden value, 3) Creating a product or service; and 4) Packaging and marketing it for profit.

Walt’s unique approach to business, money, survival and happiness has won a following across the country as readers of his books, coaching clients and graduates of his workshops launch their own passionpreneur clubs to support each other in their pursuit of passion. His list of converts — success stories who have walked away from unsatisfying work to be full-time passionpreneurs–continues to grow.

According to one recent passionpreneur, “You’re never truly happy until you’re pursuing your passion. I stepped out on faith, quit my job and wrote the novel I always wanted to write. Now I m on tour and finally living my dream! There is just something about working for myself — I really, truly do love what I do.”

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