DALLAS, Texas, April 11, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — FinKube, a company that provides AI-powered Platform-as-a-Service solutions for a range of industries, announced today that it has launched a new website for its intelligent, conversational chatbot, ELSA. The arrival of the new site, which can be found at www.elsabot.com, coincides with FinKube’s expanding role as an AI provider for industries beyond U.S. financial services.

ELSA stands for Electronic Loan Services Assistant and was initially developed to serve as the brain behind FinKube’s new Digital Lending Platform. She is the financial services industry’s first intelligent assistant and uses AI and machine learning to enhance the origination process from origination to close.

“We built ELSA because generic chatbots will never meet the needs of the complex mortgage lending industry,” said Jorge Sauri, founder and CEO of FinKube. “We needed AI that was powerful enough to understand the lending industry and learn as things changed. What we developed was a chatbot that can learn incredibly quickly and be configured to gather information that meets any industry’s compliance requirements. ELSA is much more powerful than we initially imagined and so we’re not going to limit her to banking services offered to U.S. consumers.”

ELSA includes AI that is powerful enough to gather borrower information, render decisions, automate time-consuming tasks and help lenders produce fully compliant mortgage loans in as few as 20 days, though she is well versed in any form of consumer lending. However, ELSA’s skill set can easily be applied to other tasks in other industries. The speed with which ELSA can be configured and deployed along with the wide range of applications has made the chatbot attractive to companies both outside of the lending industry and even outside of the country.

FinKube was founded by Jorge Sauri, an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience developing IT solutions and technology platforms for banks, lenders and real estate companies. He developed the mortgage industry’s first cloud-based software for underwriting subprime mortgages at Arc Systems and then developed a completely cloud-based LOS called MortgageDashboard.

See the new website and learn more about ELSA at https://elsabot.com/.

For a quick introduction to ELSA, follow this link: https://www.slideshare.net/FinKube/introducing-elsa-an-intelligent-conversational-chat-bot

About FinKube:

FinKube is the first lending technology developer to incorporate Artificial Intelligence at the core to provide Intelligence Augmentation (IA) to human loan officers and deliver its platform under a cloud-based, Platform-as-a-Service model. ELSA, the Electronic Lending Services Assistant, is Artificial Intelligence specifically developed for compliant consumer lending and is the brains behind a platform that can help lenders originate any type of consumer loan product.

ELSA learns and adjusts to any origination model, chats with consumers to gather information and provide services, and provides lenders with the industry’s most flexible solution to meet their own lending needs.

For more information, visit the company’s website at https://finkube.com/.

Rick Grant

News Source: FinKube