LONG BEACH, Calif., Nov. 25, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Braxtly Tools now offers a work knee pad made from the same materials used by professional million-dollar athletes in protecting their knees, an advanced technology competitively priced for both professionals and DIYers.

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The new Heavy-Duty Gel Knee Pads combat knee and joint pain commonly found from prolonged kneeling.

Made of high-performance EVA foam padding that molds to your knee and a rigid PVC outer casing shell that encompasses a gel core, the Gel Knee Pads acts like “a helmet for your knees,” Braxtly Tools Spokesperson Justin Bowler said.

Most knee injuries are a result of constant prolonged exposure without the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). Our pads will also help workers and DIYers guard against abrasions, cuts, scrapes.”

Long, adjustable polyester mesh straps are stress-tested to withstand constant use and breathe for all-day comfort; the straps fit legs up to 28 inches in circumference. Fasteners are reinforced so they won’t break when you tighten the strap after a week of tile work, for example. And, the knee pads provide shock absorption, helping reduce compression pain often associated with kneeling on tile, brick, hardwood, or cement floors.

“Many other knee pads look like ours, but ours are specially designed with stress-tested industrial materials for prolonged durability and comfort,” Bowler said. The company’s product video demonstrates these claims.

“One in five American men and women suffer from knee pain,” Bowler said. “Knee injuries often are a result of constant prolonged exposure without the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We feel our Heavy-Duty Gel Knee Pads will offer better results to protect workers against health and safety risks on the job.”

The product is reviewed online here: Brief Review – Braxtly Tools Heavy Duty Work Knee Pads – http://elizabeth-house.org/brief-review-braxtly-tools-heavy-duty-work-knee-pads/.

Braxtly Tools offers a Manufacturer 100% guarantee and the pads are backed by a manufacturer 45-day money-back guarantee or one-year free replacement warranty. On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Braxtly-Tools-Kneepads/dp/B07MXRLZLX/

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