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BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “I’m looking into starting a U.S. research center for Crystal Photography, and Big Bear Lake is one of the possibilities,” announced Dr. Masaru Emoto to the wide-eyed residents at a seminar at Northwoods Resort on Monday. After showing the microscopic crystals from frozen water in many cities (“no comment on LA and Tokyo”), as well as pristine and holy places around the world, he told them, “You should be proud of the beautiful clear crystals in your water.”

Quite a comeback for a lake that suffered a six year drought, which ended in the “second most precipitation in history,” following a 200 person cross-cultural medicine wheel ceremony surrounding Southern California’s magnificent San Bernardino Mountains last November. It was led by Blue Thunder (Bennie LeBeau), a Serrano-Eastern Shoshone, and the Big Bear Community. The 325 participants cheered when Blue Thunder was introduced and thanked by Gina Weiss, “A Place to Grow” sponsor and host, for his contributions to the community and for connecting them to Dr. Emoto, according to a Native Voices Foundation (NVF) spokesman.

“Dr Emoto’s work scientifically proves why American Indian ceremonies, which express love, respect and gratitude to water and snow (as well as the ancestral and nature spirits that protect them), have saved ski areas since Vail called the Southern Utes for help, which made their 1961 opening possible,” said NVF co-founder and Olympian Chaffee. (She made her first $100 making snowflakes for ski shops.) In gratitude Snow Summit and Bear Mt last season treated Blue Thunder and other tribal participants to skiing and snowboarding.

This latest phenomena, in the face of global warming, inspired Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), to ask Chaffee to design a weblink for this season so that ski areas across America could easily invite their tribes back to their ancestral lands to enjoy sports and share this kind of their Earth-honoring, snow-saving wisdom. To supply Berry with evidence to save ski communities from using costly cloud seeding with silver iodide (found toxic in research by Joe Bradley, a Big Bear scientist), Chaffee gave NSAA’s “Sustainable Slopes” leader, Emoto’s NY Times Bestseller, “Messages from Water.”

Following the crystal researcher’s meteoric rise from exposure in last year’s hit documentary, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” Dr Emoto, who also has reverence for American Indians, brought Blue Thunder to a Kyoto ceremony of the four colors of humanity praying for peace upon Mother Earth. Dr Emoto was then invited to address the United Nations in May, and meet with the Dalai Lama in Sun Valley in September. After the Big Bear seminar, Dr Emoto proposed some other ways to partner with Blue Thunder, and will next be meeting with the Hopis.

While the AMA proved that prayers heal people, Dr Emoto showed his experiments on how prayer can turn fouled water back into beautiful crystals, similar to those found in the purest waters around the North Pole. To assist Tsunami victims, Dr Emoto’s millions of believers from around the world sent prayers which helped purify the Pacific Rim waters from diseases. He proves that water has consciousness by showing, via microscope, that when individuals or groups of people pray and give thanks, love and respect to water, which is then frozen, the droplets transform into light emitting, exquisite crystals when they begin to melt. Yet when the words “hate” or “war,” or “Do it,” (compared to “Let’s Do it,”) are spoken or written on labels, the specimens become dark and formless. Water responds in a similar way to positive and negative pictures attached to a glass of water, as well music.

“Tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disaster won’t happen if enough people collectively pray and send appreciation to water, which also enhances our own health since adults are 70% water,” said Dr Emoto. The 62 year old youngster is most concerned about global warming from burning fuels and overpopulation -” the vibration of people heats the atmosphere.” Emoto’s flashed a picture of his adorable grandson. “This is why I am doing everything I can to ensure that our children won’t end up like Atlantis and Mu, around Hawaii, from the melting glaciers,” he warned.

“Except for groups like you, I’ve pretty much given up on adults, and want to teach children,” he teased. His International Water for Life Foundation will be donating picture books to 650 million youth, (called the EMOTO Project), around the world, 10% of the population!

NVF is a Colorado 501(c)3 nonprofit partnership of US Tribal leaders, Olympians and ski communities, to create “joyful unity through sports to help heal Mother Earth for all our children.” just released “The Spoken Truth,” a book channeled from Warriors of Old by two London women supported by the “Viisions of Life Force Foundation,” about Blue Thunder’s amazing healing of Mother Earth’s environments.

Tax deductible donations to assist Blue Thunder’s inspired work are most appreciated through NVF at:, or

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