ARLINGTON, Mass., May 20, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Founded by husband-and-wife team Jamie and Amanda Leef in 2017, Heal Vet is located in the Mount Auburn neighborhood intersecting Cambridge, Belmont and Watertown MA. Heal’s staff of 20 provides full pet care services in a low-stress environment. In creating Heal’s offices, the team used low carbon and nontoxic building materials whenever possible. Their new 48 panel solar electric system, designed and installed by Arlington-based SunBug Solar, is the finishing touch on an environmentally-conscious workplace.

SunBug Solar

Dr. Amanda Leef’s role as owner and doctor of veterinary medicine is hands-on with the animals, while Jamie’s job as general manager tasks him to “steer the ship towards success.” Jamie’s former career in green building and solar energy helped him understand the value a business can derive from owning their own power source on their roof. And his experience installing solar systems for other businesses prepared him for the long utility approval and permitting process.

“What’s great about SunBug is that they’ve been around a long time, and the people they have working in their design and construction have so much experience solving problems,” Leef said. “They manage complications properly, and quickly offered insight into how to install a special transformer for my site’s unusual electrical configuration. It’s one reason to hire a reputable local company. They happen to know the local inspector really well and how best to contact him, and how to file a dispute with local utility companies if it comes to that.”

The 19 kW system provides Heal with 75% of the energy they use a year. Energy bills were around $8000 a year which is typical of a small business with a lot of medical supplies. Not only does installing a PV system reduce utility costs, but it also means that their budget line for electricity is shielded from the rising costs of electricity. As a business, Heal takes advantage of federal tax credits and accelerated depreciation on the investment, reducing the initial cost by over 50%. The strategy is perfect for a resilient small business.

Another addition to the project includes a charging station for electric vehicles. Customers and neighbors alike have been happy to take advantage of green electricity in their community. Leef was even inspired to get an electric car for himself. “A Chevrolet Bolt,” Leaf said. “Really the nicest car to drive.”

Heal Vet is a full service companion animal hospital located in the Mount Auburn neighborhood. They provide comprehensive services including wellness, urgent care, surgery, dentistry, and specialists. Their specially designed modern facility and staff trained in low-stress animal handling techniques provides you and your pet with a better experience. Learn more here:

SunBug Solar is a local, Massachusetts owned-and-operated solar energy consulting and installation company with offices in Arlington and Westfield, MA. SunBug Solar creates positive environmental and social impact by exemplifying our core values of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability with our customers, within our industry, and among our teammates. Learn more here:

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