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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With diabetes and heart disease becoming more prevalent worldwide, a very vocal Christian ministry is vigorously challenging what many Christians believe about healing disease. Rational Christian Ministries, a non-denominational ministry and health advocacy group based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is actively promoting a grassroots movement to remind the millions suffering with chronic or acute diseases that the Bible does provide the answer to healing – and it is not the miraculous and spontaneous events depicted by popular televangelist ministries.

The outspoken ministry argues that most Christians are killing themselves with their diets, and prayer is not a substitute for the wisdom and knowledge that scripture provides for living a healthy life.

“We are not saying that miraculous healings don’t happen,” says ministry spokesperson Susan Johnson. “The fact is, all things are possible for those who have faith in God. But what we see on television and in many of our churches these days is a terrible and cruel deception. It leaves many with false hopes and unrealistic expectations,” says Johnson.

“The truth is that by taking proper care of our bodies, as the Bible clearly urges us to do, we can avoid and even heal disease. If we could be miraculously healed every time we cause harm to ourselves because of our lifestyles, not only would we never learn anything, but we would be violating the very precepts that the Bible teaches us.”

Citing a number of remarkable medical testimonies, including that of Rational Christian Ministries’ founder, Arnie Suntag, Johnson advocates the use of a vegan diet and various lifestyle changes to heal even the most serious diseases. While strongly recommending earnest prayer, Johnson says that the only way to expect to be healed is by removing the harmful habits in our lives and living according to scripture.

“The largest number of prayer requests we receive daily from Christians throughout the world involves disease of one form or another,” says Johnson. “It is truly sad that all of these diseases could have been prevented had those afflicted with them changed their diets. It is even sadder, however, that the same diseases can also be cured through dietary and lifestyle changes, but most professed Christians choose to stake their lives entirely on the medical profession instead of God’s simple remedies. They submit to high-risk surgeries and use pharmaceuticals with severe side effects, while at the same time continuing to eat the highly processed, canned, and packaged foods that caused the disease in the first place. It is a gruesome paradox. They are literally digging their graves with their teeth.”

According to the ministry’s founder, Arnie Suntag, there is virtually no disease process that cannot be reversed through natural means and prayer. “I literally owe my life today to following God’s simple plan for recovery,” says Suntag.

“Every one of us is guilty of shortchanging the Almighty God when it comes to beating disease. If only more Christians could realize, as I have, that a change in diet and lifestyle is the most effective way to prevent and cure disease, our hospitals would most likely be empty.”

In a scathing article appearing in the January issue of Answers, the e-newsletter of Rational Christian Ministries, the organization criticized the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession for misleading the public and for capitalizing on its naivety. The article argued that enormous profits leave no incentive for these institutions to inform the public of viable alternative care, but to instead develop more deceptive practices that foster dependency by an ailing public.

Rational Christian Ministries plans to open a natural healing center in Hawaii to help those who have become disenfranchised with their healthcare providers and to illustrate that diseases can be cured naturally, without relying on conventional medicine.

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