INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 15, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — iConnect, a technology company that creates tracking systems for data collection, has developed two programs that will help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The PIP-ILI System (Possibly Infected Person—Identify, Locate, Isolate) was created to assist companies in taking proactive and preventative measures to protect their employees, as well as the public, from COVID-19, with two products: TrackYourText and NoTouchBOL.

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Both products are able to identify when a “Possibly Infected Person,” (PIP) is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or has a persistent fever.

TrackYourText was developed for employers to take the temperatures of their employees from their mobile phones, collecting that information, as well as their location data, which is then displayed on a PIP-ILI map, per state, in order to track and monitor possibly infected persons. Each day, companies are able to send bulk text messages, simultaneously, to each of their employees, with a link, where they input their temperature, in addition to their location, if required by the company.

TrackYourText also returns data without the use of a GPS tracking app. While this monitoring system might be mandated by companies and considered a crucial step towards protecting their staff, employees should be informed that TrackYourText does not install any tracking tools on their phones, and they have the right to choose whether they will respond to or share their private information with this voluntary technology.

NoTouchBOL is a logistics system that prevents carriers from having direct contact with shipping personnel that are required to sign bill of ladings. NoTouchBOL also captures the location of carriers, tracks their route, monitoring if they have had direct contact with previous freights they have picked up and delivered. This information is then displayed on a PIP-ILI map, per state, tracing their exact route. The map can be used to show if an employee, from another company, who might have come into direct contact with the carrier, is diagnosed with COVID symptoms, and when and where possible infection might have occurred. Both the carrier and employee can then immediately be identified as possibly infected persons.

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