TURNERSVILLE, N.J., June 25, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — IEDCO, a leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered powder handling systems and solutions offers custom design solutions for efficiently moving powders in plants with difficult layouts.

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There are multiple critical components in a pneumatic conveying system. In circumstances where the plant layout is challenging, custom designed systems dictate where and how these critical components are placed. These components consist of the pickup point, tubing, receiver, vacuum pump and the control system.

The pickup point may be a wand, bag dump station or bulk bag dischargers. Tubing may be of varying materials and diameter. The receiver is fit with valves which discharge the received material into the process, while the vacuum pump creates the suction to pull the material through the tubing. The control systems manage the flow of material through the system by dictating suction pressures, batching, multi-ingredient processes and more.

All of these components must be properly configured to ensure product gets from point to point in the plant while maintaining product integrity, flow rates, and safety.

While these systems are customized to meet individual needs, IEDCO’s experience with designing, manufacturing and installing these systems results in systems that are efficient and cost effective. IEDCO pneumatic conveying systems are ideal for the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

More information: (856) 728-6400, e-mail: info@iedco.com, or visit https://iedco.com/.

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