WYANDANCH, N.Y., July 28, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GrubGuard, a technology company founded in 2019 in Wyandanch, New York, has developed a patent-pending hardware and software solution, which aids in the protection of consumer food deliveries by reducing the risk of contamination and package tampering.

Shaunta and Zachary Jones, GrubGuard Co-founders
PHOTO CAPTION: Shaunta and Zachary Jones, GrubGuard Co-founders.

“GrubGuard is uniquely positioned to create a new category when it comes to securing consumer food orders and the method by which that food is delivered,” stated GrubGuard CEO, Zachary Jones.

“We are aware that there are blind spots in the current food delivery service model. Simply put, GrubGuard is the champion for restaurants and guardian for consumers. We protect food deliveries with our tamper-proof technology that offers layers of security, allowing consumers to be notified if there is package tampering during the transit of their takeout,” said Shaunta Jones, GrubGuard co-founder.

The intellectual property protecting GrubGuard’s technology applies to a wide variety of food delivery packaging methods including, but not limited to, bags, boxes, clips and more.

“An introduction to Michael Nizich, Ph.D., the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center at New York Institute of Technology, proved to be exactly what we needed. They assisted in creating our functional electronic prototype, including the web application, which collects critical data and provides specific details of a potential packaging breach,” shared Zachary Jones.

Dr. Nizich replied, “As a New York State Certified Business Incubator, it was an absolute pleasure for us at the ETIC at NYIT to help GrubGuard turn their idea into a functional prototype. Opportunities like this help our student engineers gain practical hands-on experience while helping regional economic efforts by helping companies like GrubGuard to succeed.”

“Consumer safety is the biggest problem we face across Long Island and the country. The current pandemic, along with some unfortunate personnel infractions at delivery companies, has placed a demand for GrubGuard,” said Shaunta Jones.

“Then in July of 2019, US Foods published a study* stating 28% of food delivery drivers who they polled had eaten from the orders they were delivering! And 85% of consumers questioned recommended adding tamper-evident labels or packaging. But, let’s be honest, it’s a bit late once the food has been compromised,” added Shaunta Jones.

*REF: https://www.usfoods.com/our-services/business-trends/2019-food-delivery-statistics.html

Zachary Jones states, “We knew our instincts were correct and that the GrubGuard system would be crucial in maintaining the initial integrity of food deliveries by notifying the restaurant and the customer that the delivery was compromised. This technology must be utilized. Especially now, during the Covid-19 pandemic. It needs to be the new standard for today’s delivery economy.”

GrubGuard™ is currently exploring commercialization, licensing and partnership opportunities.

About GrubGuard:

GrubGuard was founded by New York-based, African-American inventors and entrepreneurs, Shaunta and Zachary Jones. GrubGuard isn’t their first invention, nor their last. As lifelong innovators, this couple has always been passionate about creating solutions to improve the lives of others. Advocates for the underserved, they seek to create opportunities of growth, and increase diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship through the power of intellectual property. In addition, they desire to help close the economic gap that exists in communities of color. They are the parents of three but aim to inspire many more.

For more information, visit: https://grub-guard.com/

Certificate Pending: MWBE

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* Photo Caption: Shaunta and Zachary Jones, GrubGuard Co-founders.

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