DANA POINT, Calif., June 14, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Repairing chronic roof leaks due to poor home construction without doing a tear-off or further construction takes innovation, ingenuity, skill, and in this case, the right product line up, says Pacific Roofing Systems. Pacific met the “construction-less” challenge to repair 2,000 square feet of spudded rock flat roofing and sloped metal roofing on a private Laguna Beach residence by instead proposing the use of a unique formulated monolithic liquid single-ply waterproof roof system known as the SureCoat Roof System.

Pacific Roofing Systems - Laguna Roof BEFORE
“When this homeowner approached us, we were one of many contractors who had inspected the property and had an opportunity to propose a solution,” explained Alan Stovesand, V.P. of Pacific Roofing System. “The problem was we had to overcome a series of multilevel flat roofs and stucco walls that terminated right at the flat roof level. When done properly the walls should terminate 6 inches above the roof with a metal weep screed that allows the water to weep out above the roofline and onto the roof, which is a standard waterproofing practice. This home, however, had a tar and gravel roof with nowhere for the moisture to weep out too, and the homeowner didn’t want to open up and rework all the stucco terminations of his beautiful modern home.”

In addition to the no construction challenge, the city of Laguna Beach does not allow the installation white roofing. Both Alan and SureCoat had a solution for that.

Pacific Roofing Systems - Laguna Roof AFTER
“We proposed to get rid of the gravel, to smooth down the roof, to clean it up, and then install a colored version of the SureCoat Roof System,” Stovesand adds.

This solution offered no stucco demolition, saved thousands of dollars, and provided the opportunity to have a smooth monolithic UV resistant roof that is leak free. The owner chose the Pacific Roofing System proposal and now is the proud owner of a 10-Year Renewable Energy Efficient SureCoat Roof System. After a year and a half year of intense UV rays, moisture, and a host of other elements, the “non-construction” answer has been proven to be a cost effective, all weather solution.

In total, Pacific Roofing Systems has worked with SureCoat Systems for eight years and has installed 15 SureCoat roof systems.

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Pacific Roofing Systems offers premier roofing, sheet metal, siding and waterproofing contractor services throughout the Southern California Market. With over 40 years combined roofing experience and knowledge, Pacific Roofing Systems is well versed in all roofing applications and strive to be on the cutting edge of new roofing and green roofing technology. Pacific Roofing Systems has strategically aligned themselves with vendors and manufacturers that offer the utmost excellence in technical support and customer service while providing a quality product at fair pricing.

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SureCoat Systems was founded from a desire to offer sustainable products and permanent roof and wall solutions to meet the needs and demands of the building industry and property owners. SureCoat Systems’ products are backed by over 30 years of chemical designing, engineering and manufacturing of polymeric hybrid, specialty coatings for the marine and construction industry. SureCoat Systems offers high quality, sustainable, environmentally advanced waterproofing and energy saving coating solutions to the professional building industry with product warranties that express our confidence of quality and superior performance. Twitter: @SureCoatSystems

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