EMERYVILLE, Calif., March 8, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — After more than ten years of success, JewelryBund Inc. continues to become one of the biggest professional fashion and jewelry manufacturing and wholesaling business. In its service to the wholesale jewelry industry, the company shows distinct leadership to the brand with JewelryBund’s customer-oriented mindset that gained the trust of over 600,000 customers across 200 countries.


Founded in 2008, JewelryBund Inc. revolutionized the business of providing top-quality jewelry and accessories for the sole purpose of reselling. Starting a jewelry business has its challenges, especially when it comes to securing the products. The traditional approach to negotiating with manufacturers is to physically shop for the items. Retailers and business owners never had the luxury to solely buy their stocks online due to the fear of having an inventory that wasn’t evaluated properly.

Bigger online platforms like Etsy and Faire have been bridging the gap between manufacturers and resellers. Their online marketplaces revolve around the business strategy that lets individual sellers post their own listings for their clients to see. Both of these platforms, like other online marketplaces, thrive on having as many sellers post as many products as possible. This strategy allows the platforms to have a wide range of items in their catalogs.

However, buying on these platforms means dealing with thousands of different sellers who are also communicating with their own manufacturers just to fulfill the order. The look behind the scenes will tell you that in most cases, these indirect purchases lead to a higher procurement cost with a time-consuming and inconsistent service level experience.

That is where JewelryBund effectively changes the scene of manufacturing and wholesaling. Through JewelryBund, their customers were able to browse, order, and receive items in bulk from direct factory sources without the need to travel back and forth for negotiations with resellers. All items that are sold on the company’s website are owned and produced by JewelryBund which made quality-control more efficient and effective. Jewelry resellers can buy all demanded jewelry items at one-stop without worrying about the potential troublesome multi-rounds negotiations with many sellers.

By having self-owned products, JewelryBund takes full guarantee in providing fashion and jewelry items of high-quality catered for reselling. Consistency is highly regarded in the products which makes it suitable for rebranding and reselling. Even without physical evaluation of clients, the quality stays the same.

Over the past ten years, JewelryBund operates three jewelry and accessories factories in China, making the company well-equipped for handling large-scale orders at the lowest costs possible. With such a customer-oriented goal, JewelryBund became one of the leading one-stop sources for all kinds of jewelry products.

In an incredibly competitive market, JewelryBund understands the importance of being first in the fashion trends so their clients can also be the leading jewelry shops and boutiques. Every piece curated under JewelryBund is backed by careful market and customer research to pinpoint all the fashion needs and wants when it comes to Western and Eastern jewelry trends.

The product catalogs under JewelryBund refresh daily to stay true to that goal. Designs are constantly added to capture the newest trends of the market while the old ones are phased out to make sure that every piece of an item bought by the clients is market-competitive and worthy of selling.

Aside from having the best products at the market with the best prices possible, JewelryBund is also highly coveted due to the company’s track record of holding steady relationships with the clients. JewelryBund helps its clients embrace the success of jewelry reselling by having professional clients’ service support available at all times through their live chat, email, and official community pages.

In addition to that, the company goes beyond the basic means of customer support. JewelryBund also offers business supporting services for would-be entrepreneurs planning to start their own online jewelry business on eBay and Amazon. Despite being a large company, JewelryBund places high importance on every start-up business of every size and provides every support manageable in order to secure their client’s success.

As stated by JewelryBund vice president – Cynthia Wong, “We take customers’ satisfaction as the first priority because we consider our clients as our business partners who will grow up with us for doing jewelry sales business. We win trusts and maintain long-term business relationship for a bilateral success.”

All the heartfelt efforts of JewelryBund certainly paid their due. The company, along with its clientele, continues to grow after such a strong decade. With their belief in “One World, One Jewelry Wholesale Price”, JewelryBund continues to push the boundaries to be the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of refined, quality products.

The company’s senior business development manager, William Lee added, “Our world-class customer service will guide start-up jewelry businesses all the way to become profitable with rapid business expansions and developments and offer valuable resales experience.”

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