LOS ANGELES, Calif., Aug. 3, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — La Tortilla Oven recently acquired La Tortilla Loca and its intellectual property. As a result of this acquisition, La Tortilla Oven® is now the primary holder of Patent Number RE42311, the original fabric tortilla warmer designed to keep tortillas fresh and warm for more than an hour. And, it’s using the technology to deliver a new and healthy microwave steaming method.

Mark Alvarez
The two companies finally came to a resolution after a 10-year legal dispute surrounding the design, materials, structure and safety of this tortilla warmer. During that time, the two businesses learned about each other’s business models and decided to settle out of court and move forward with the acquisition.

La Tortilla Oven is using this patented technology to launch a new end product – the Micro-Steamer – for vegetables. The Micro-­Steamer conserves water and uses water already present in the vegetables to make the steam. The patented technology traps the heat and redirects it back into the vegetable, steaming it naturally and organically with the use of a microwave.

“After all, why do you need water to steam vegetables if the vegetables already have water in them?” asks Mark Alvarez, president, La Tortilla Oven.

And, water conservation is not the only benefit that the Micro-­Steamer offers. This new cooking technology also helps vegetables to retain more valuable nutrients and speeds up cooking time.

“Boiling water to steam vegetables is a common, but cumbersome method,” Alvarez says. “Boiling also dilutes the vegetable’s nutritional value. The Micro­-Steamer preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, all without adding any extra water.”

Additionally, cooking time can be decreased by more than 60 percent. For example, spinach and broccoli are steamed in seconds flat and potatoes and carrots are steamed in minutes so they’re stew-ready.

And, due to its compact size – four ounces in weight and 10 inches in diameter – and durability, it’s an ideal way to steam foods in places where space is a concern. For example, it’s perfect for RVs, hotel rooms, college dorms and office break rooms.

“This highly anticipated and new way of steaming vegetables is really the most efficient and original way to cook healthy,” Alvarez says.

About La Tortilla Oven, LLC:
Since 2005, La Tortilla Oven has been the leading manufacturer of insulated tortilla warmers in the U.S., Mexico and abroad. The company specializes in product marketing and brand­building solutions. Currently, the Micro-Steamer is available at Food­4­Less, Ralphs, Brookshires, H.E.B, Kroger stores, Reser’s Fine Foods, Northgate Markets, Superior Warehouse, Vallartas and other fine supermarkets and retail outlets throughout the U.S.

Visit: http://www.latortillaoven.com/ or https://www.micro-steamer.com/.

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