ATLANTA, Ga., Aug. 4, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Through It All I’m Still Standing” (ISBN: 978-1735052519) is the first book from the talented writer and publisher Towanna Hogue as she shares her personal experiences surviving several challenges, including marriage, divorce, cancer, and starting over with readers worldwide.

BOOK: Through it All I'm Still Standing
The self-help book aims to bring awareness to narcissistic personality disorder and emotional abuse, with the hope of helping people in similar situations and their families deal with the effects of the unfortunate phenomena.

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There seems to be an unfortunate increase in the rate of divorce and marital challenges. Such issues, coupled with uncontrollable circumstances like chronic illnesses, have majorly affected women. Unfortunately, there are not too many resources to help victims get past such tribulations. This is where Towanna Hogue is looking to make a difference by giving a first-hand narration to millions of people, using herself as a case study.

Through It All I’m Still Standing” is a story about experiencing love, trials, tribulations, abuse, loss, strength, endurance, faith, triumphs, and deliverance. Towanna aims to help readers tap into their spirituality by connecting to the Supreme Being to handle their affairs, no matter how challenging life may seem.

“I pray my book will help someone that is dealing with divorce, loss, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, illness, and or abuse. Or has dealt with these issues and are still stuck in a bad place. I want you to know there is hope, happiness, prosperity, and a life to live after it all! I have experienced all of this and more. By the grace of God, Through It All I’m Still Standing! You will too!” said Towanna Hogue.

The book is designed to give hope from the first sight, with the use of the yellow lotus flower on the book cover symbolizing the author’s growth. The yellow lotus is an analogy of how it grows in deep mud, far away from the sun, but eventually reaches the light and becomes the most beautiful flower ever.

“Through It All I’m Still Standing” will be available in eBook and print format on Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Towanna Hogue is also working on a children’s book called, “There’s Something I Have To Tell You All… Mommy Has Cancer.”

For more information about Towanna Hogue and her works, please visit – Towanna Hogue is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Towanna Hogue

Towanna Hogue is a mother of three who resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. As a lifelong writer, she first began writing poems and short stories in college. She has also written several magazine articles on celebrities, athletes, and societal issues. She is now a magazine publisher for Empower Atlanta Magazine.

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