LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 4, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Paraphrase, LLC and author Arnold Rudnick have pledged all net profits from book sales of “Little Green” (ISBN: 978-0981587974) for the month of October 2013 to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, which supports the “hungry, homeless and hurting of the San Fernando Valley.” They’re also donating 100+ copies of the children’s book “Little Green” to the first grade of Roscoe Elementary School, the charity’s adopted school. This is the second in a new annual program supporting non-profit organizations.

“Little Green” is a picture-book for 2-7 year olds written by Arnold Rudnick, with illustrations by Marcelo Gorenman, featuring a little green frog on a quest to be special, asking everyone “Isn’t it possible?”

“It’s about time we admit that not everything is possible,” the author says. “For too long, movies and books have pretended anything is possible, but kids are smart and know that’s not true. Messages that are meant to motivate quickly become empty platitudes. However, ALMOST anything IS possible! This simple, honest qualification offers a more powerful message and an inspirational lesson for everyone.” This is a lesson that connects directly to the message of hope provided by the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission.

“Isn’t it possible?” is demonstrated by the many examples of people who are featured on the Profile of Hope page of the Hope of the Valley website (see www.hopeofthevalley.org/news/profile-of-hope/ ). These are people who had fallen on hard times, yet with the help of the Mission, were able to find what was indeed possible to lift themselves back up and change their lives.

To help children consider, “Isn’t it possible?,” and further a commitment to literacy, Rudnick and Paraphrase, LLC, will be donating more than 100 copies of “Little Green” to the children of the first grade of Roscoe Elementary School, the adopted school of the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. More than that, Paraphrase and Rudnick have pledged to donate to the Mission net profits from all new copies of “Little Green” sold in the month of October 2013.

One Per Year:
Little Green is on a mission to partner with one non-profit organization each year connected to families, children, literacy and/or education, donating books and profits. If you would like to recommend a charity that might be eligible for 2014 or coming years, or have questions about this program, you can contact books@paraphrasellc.com with the name of the organization and any contact information (website, e-mail. etcetera).

Books can be purchased through a link on the “Little Green” website – http://www.isntitpossible.com/ – through Amazon.com, BN.com, or other online booksellers; or ordered at local bookstores. “Little Green” hopes that October 2013 proves “It is possible!”

The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission provides hope, hot meals, housing, health services and healing to those in need, with a mission to “attract people and resources to assist in the effort of meeting the needs of every hungry and homeless man, woman and child in the valley. Through strategic partnerships and services, we empower our clients with the faith, knowledge, resources and skills to lead a life of wholeness and self-sufficiency.” Visit the website at http://www.hopeofthevalley.org/.

Paraphrase, LLC, is a boutique publishing company promoting literacy with a mission to create thought-provoking media that educates, entertains and inspires. Their motto is “Read a book, Read a mind.®” Visit the website at http://www.paraphrasellc.com/.

Arnold Rudnick worked in feature development at Paramount Pictures and Gary Lucchesi Productions and has written for many television shows, including “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” “Star Trek: Voyager” and “The New Addams Family.” His first book, “ESPete: Sixth Grade Sense” ( www.espete.com ) won a silver medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards (2009) and Reader’s Favorite Awards (2010) and was a pick in Danny Brassell’s Lazy Readers’ Book Club (September 2012) ( www.lazyreaders.com ). “Little Green” is Arnold’s first picture book. In addition to writing, Arnold works in school administration. He and his wife and children live in Los Angeles, Calif.

Marcelo Gorenman grew up in South America. He taught himself how to draw and was eventually accepted at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City, and later the exclusive 3-D animation program at Sheridan College in Canada. Marcelo has worked in animation and illustration since 2002, in Europe, Canada and the USA. “Little Green” is Marcelo’s first picture book.

Visit the website for “Little Green” at http://www.isntitpossible.com/.

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