NEW YORK, NY (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — LymphaCare, the NJ based medical product company has added the Healthlight Infrared Therapy System to its product line. Lymphacare specializes in products for circulation disorders. The Healthlight device is manufactured by the same Albuquerque, NM based company that supplies the RevitaMed brand.

(c) Send2Press“We took on the Healthlight Infrared Therapy line because it has a longer history of being utilized in the light therapy market, and offered a much greater product line selection of items that our patients and professional users have been asking for” states Adam Anschel, Director of Sales at LymphaCare.

*(Photo Caption: The Healthlight Infrared Therapy Boot System is utilized over feet to alleviate the pain and inflammation often associate with diabetic foot, neuropathy, and chronic pain.)

Patients and the medical community continue to seek safe alternative non-drug therapies for diabetic neuropathy and chronic pain. Neurontin and the new Lyrica are excellent medications, but many patients don’t respond to treatment, or just want a non-drug option.

Over the last year and a half LymphaCare has seen steady growth in its Revitadyne Infrared Therapy division. “Our infrared therapy line has been very well received by physical therapists, physicians, other medical professionals, and patients for treatment of diabetic or non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other forms of chronic pain. In addition we have continuously received feedback of excellent results utilizing our infrared therapy products on conditions such as shingles, fibromyalgia, RSD, muscle spasms, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), tendinitis, chronic wounds and lymphedema (swelling), and many others,” adds Adam.

The Healthlight Infrared Therapy system has various size pads, each with many light-emitting diodes. Those diodes pulse light at a certain wavelength and the energy goes deep into the tissue. Patients may a feel a warm sensation or a bit of tingling, but the machine’s frequency settings are adjustable for hypersensitive patients or different medical conditions.

Infrared energy is defined by waves of atomic particles. The distance between the waves are measured and referred to as the wavelength. Infrared is just beyond the visible part of the light spectrum. Laser is a very precise delivery of only a very narrow band of light. This band is monochromatic (one color). It does not deliver burning heat, only the therapeutic energy.

The infrared energy is then absorbed by the red blood cells, releasing nitric oxide. All of this helps increase the circumference of the arteries and veins, which allows for better circulation and decreased pain. Healthlight also has visible light technology in its pads, which has been shown to help with trigger points, wounds and other skin conditions, complimenting the infrared energy during treatment.

Typical clinic treatments with the Healthlight Infrared Therapy, Anodyne Therapy brand, or other infrared pad systems runs about 30 minutes. The number of treatments usually depends on the condition. Most insurance companies and Medicare usually cover the procedure in clinical settings. Healthlight home units do not require a prescription and are available for purchase starting at around $799.00. Professional units are also available for all types of clinical settings at competitive pricing for home health care, physical therapy, and others.

For more information on the Healthlight Infrared Therapy contact Adam Anschel at Phone: 800-288-1801, Fax: 212-937-3162 or visit

News issued by: LymphaCare

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