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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Stephanie Burns, researcher, author, and motivational speaker today announced her online educational program The Labyrinth ( designed to help people set, achieve, and maintain their goals in 2006 and beyond.

“Just a short few weeks ago many people made a lot of promises to themselves about improvements they’d like to make in their lives that may already be slipping or totally dumped,” said Dr. Stephanie Burns, Founder of The Labyrinth. “But it doesn’t have to be this way! Making resolutions and setting goals is the easy part. Maintaining your resolve over a long period of time and achieving the goals you set out for yourself is the hard part. But I am living, breathing proof that if you follow my strategies for goal achievement, you too can live up to the promises you make to yourself, this year, and every year.”

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Originally trained as a computer engineer in the US Army, Dr. Burns began her career as an educator designing and teaching programs on the practical use of computers. In this capacity, Stephanie consulted for NASA, ABC-TV General Electric and other large US corporations. Later, Dr. Burns introduced her “Learning to Learn” program, which has been accessed by over 10,000 people worldwide. Dr. Burns has recently been selected by Donald Trump as a developer and speaker on Trump University’s wealth creation products and online courses.

Stephanie Burns firmly believes that we can take control of our actions and start to get more of what we want out of life with the help of her proven goal achievement strategies and techniques. As a consequence, she has recently shifted her teaching emphasis from live seminars to the on-line world in order to expand her outreach. Combining her interest in technology and her work as a computer design engineer, and with her 25 years of teaching experience and the findings of her Ph.D. research into motivation and learning behavior, Dr. Burns has created a cutting edge, online teaching methodology and standout program “The Labyrinth,” helping students of success everywhere to achieve the life they have always dreamed of.

The Labyrinth is designed for people who are looking to give their personal and professional life a serious boost of energy. Participants join other students from around the world in a 5 week online adventure in the mechanics of human behavior related to goal achievement, motivation, procrastination and self-leadership.

The Labyrinth Program has received rave reviews from participants around the globe. Here are just a few examples of what graduates of The Labyrinth are saying about the program:

“I really enjoyed the experience. I could go at my own pace, which allowed me the flexibility I needed to fit the program into my busy work schedule, but at the same time, it kept me on track. The format maintained my interest and attention, and was thought provoking, entertaining, innovative and lots of fun.”

“The program was a great learning experience for me, providing insights into how I think, act and react in different situations. It helped me to improve my self leadership skills, and provided strategies and options for achieving my life and work goals. Another positive thing for me was the ability to network with other participants and share the Labyrinth experience. The program also helps you to think out of the box and rise above the status quo.”

“Great fun. The Labyrinth taught me things about my motivational profile that I didn’t know (despite lots of courses). Online and solitary I hear you say? Not a chance! The rest of the team and Stephanie were always there to support and encourage me.”

“2006 can be different if you hold these thoughts close,” said Dr. Burns. “Know that you are going to wake up in the future being able to do something that you want to do, or not. Life is long, so make the most of it. Have the courage to make a real difference in your life, and join The Labyrinth today.”

For more information or to enroll in The Labyrinth Program please visit:

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