HOUSTON, Texas, Oct. 24, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Wendy Meigs, Texas Pharmacist and Founder of SMA Education and Support, warns the public about the current evolution of mediation into a malicious “kangaroo court” to promote predetermined self-serving outcomes for mediators and lawyers as mediation confidentiality enhances the abuse of the already vulnerable.

SMA Education and Support
As mediation numbers continue to escalate, judges push citizens to negotiate outside of court especially with limited resources as seen in Harris County. But is mediation the same as court? Some strive to promote that fallacy.

Victims of divorce court tell a different story. 70-year-old Gladys A. never wanted to experience what she did at mediation. Gladys said, “My lawyer didn’t prepare me…” Missing information and extreme pressuring forced Gladys to settle for far less. As the main earner and spouse after 50 years of marriage to an adulterous husband, Gladys felt betrayed from the abuse at home, an abuse sustained through mediation. Was allowing the manipulation of an abused woman justified? Who really is to blame for the deceptions at mediation to this woman, a trusting, misinformed, and abused woman? And is this the justice the public believes exists in mediation versus the courtroom?

By definition: “Mediation is a private process in which an impartial person encourages and facilitates communications between parties to a conflict and strives to promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding.” This private process called “confidentiality” contributes to abuses and manipulation of unaware citizens contrary to a courtroom where the exposure of standards of conduct and ethics limit outright abuses.

Take a stand for victims and against the protection of mediators. Take a stand for the people. Refuse confidentiality in mediations.

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About SMA Education and Support:

Wendy Meigs founded SMA Education and Support in immediate response to an abusive mediation. Having experienced normal mediations, Meigs realized the vulnerability of the already vulnerable under the guise of impartiality and the abusive potential of blanket confidentiality. SMA Education and Support (Stop Mediation Abuse), a For-Profit organization, assists and educates on the potential abuses of mediation. We are NOT lawyers. We are everyday people. Together, we can Protect the Public. Visit https://www.smanow.org/. Help Stop the Abuse.

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