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NEW YORK, NY – August 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Marjan Diamonds NV (, an Antwerp based diamond manufacturer, today announced that they will launch their new NENOIR Emotionally Yours signature diamond at the International Jewelry Show in London, England, September 4th-September 7th.

Every NENOIR Emotionally Yours diamond comes with a First Private Owner (FPO(TM)) certificate as well as the stone’s biography, to ensure that every Emotionally Yours gift of love is truly yours as the first owner directly from the mine.

“A symbol of endless love should never be second hand,” said Ali Nasser, Director of Marjan Diamonds. “That’s why we have developed the First Private Owner (FPO(TM)) system which certifies and guarantees that each and every Nenoir Emotionally Yours diamond is a Firsthand Diamond(TM), and has never been previously owned.”

“The FPO(TM) system has total control of the supply chain and guarantees every NENOIR diamond arrives from the mine, to manufacturer, to retailer ending directly on the finger of your beloved.”

In addition, every Emotionally Yours diamond owner can register the diamond in his or her name, or dedicate the diamond to a loved one. The owner’s registered name and dedication, as well as the diamond’s biography will be registered forever and can be viewed on the NENOIR website at using the unique FPO(TM) identification number which arrives with each precious diamond.

Each NENOIR diamond is accompanied by a CanadaMark(TM) certificate of origin. CanadaMark(TM) is a unique tracking system, developed by BHP Billiton, owners of Ekati, Canada’s first diamond mine. This tracking system was developed to guarantee the diamond’s purity, authenticity, and true Canadian origin.

The CanadaMark(TM) tracking system monitors the diamond from the rough crystal to the finished product, creating an unbroken chain and ensuring each to be a pure and natural Canadian diamond (

“There are many concerns from consumers around the world about diamonds that have been tampered with,” said Mr. Nasser. “Color and quality-enhancement, and man made synthetics, the symbol of love being mined and manufactured in a socially and environmentally incorrect manner made diamond customers wary. NENOIR Emotionally Yours’ series, which are high quality cut, and rare precious diamonds mined in Canada, guarantee that your diamond is organic, authentic, free from human tampering, and uniquely yours truly as a Firsthand Diamond.”

Marjan Diamonds is a progressive and dynamic diamond manufacturer, with a family history in the trade since 1963. Their generations of knowledge and expertise have led them to establish strong diamond brands to fulfill consumer needs and support their retail customers.

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NEWS SOURCE: Marjan Diamonds NV | Published: 2005-08-26 12:00:00

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