SAN DIEGO, Calif., Dec. 3, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT®), a leading mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, debuted upgraded MCTlive! Pool Optimizer functionality at its MCT Exchange client conference last month. The technology enables secondary marketing managers to use actual cash window execution for optimization on each individual loan rather than using a dealer survey for spec pay-ups.

MCT Live!

“Depending on loan sale size, the tool looks at millions of iterations of execution options while doing the optimization process on a specified set of loans, creating a factorial to compute the optimal pooling solution,” said MCT COO, Phil Rasori. “When you have a large number of high balance loans and you’re trying to fit them into the 10% de minimus rule, this will make the ideal allocations, whether a specific product or in a pool with high balance.”

The MCTlive! Pool Optimizer involves both the cash window commitment process as well as MBS optimization, rather than solely MBS pooling or delivery, allowing for full pricing granularity specific to all available executions. The cloud-based, scalable technology infrastructure of MCTlive! supports analysis of the millions of possible combinations at unprecedented speed. Calculations are made on real-time spec pool pay-ups with MCT’s API connectivity and sets a new standard when defining optimal pool allocations.

“The system reviews the open pipeline and accounts for all co-issue commitments across the three agencies, 50 aggregators and 10 co-issue buyers. With ‘cross commitment optimization’ you can check, for instance, Fannie direct against co-issue Servicing Marketplace, placing each loan in the best place,” explained Andrew Rhodes, Director of Trading at MCT. “This upgraded functionality is a game-changer for the majority of lenders looking to do pool optimization across both cash window and MBS executions.”

The new Pool Optimizer received a warm welcome at MCT Exchange, where nearly three hundred lenders and partners reacted to its virtual debut with eager anticipation. As one of the many tools in MCT’s cloud-based capital markets software platform, MCTlive!, Pool Optimizer is now available to clients. Those interested in learning more about the MCTlive! Pool Optimizer features, benefits, or how to begin using the module are encouraged to contact MCT for more information:

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Founded in 2001, Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) has grown from a boutique mortgage pipeline hedging firm into the industry’s leading provider of fully integrated capital markets services and technology. MCT offers an array of best-in-class services and software covering mortgage pipeline hedging, best execution loan sales, outsourced lock desk solutions, MSR portfolio valuations, business intelligence analytics, mark to market services, and an award-winning comprehensive capital markets software platform called MCTlive! MCT supports independent mortgage bankers, depositories, credit unions, warehouse lenders, and correspondent investors of all sizes.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, MCT also has offices in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Dallas. MCT is well known for its team of capital markets experts and senior traders who continue to provide the boutique-style hands-on engagement clients love.

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