MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 13, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Eco-friendly mold inspection, mold removal, and indoor environmental service provider in South Florida, Miami Mold Specialists, continues to enhance service offerings, updates HVAC mold removal protocols with new line of high tech equipment.

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In Florida, HVAC systems work a tremendous amount of overtime and require a substantial amount of maintenance. HVAC systems are in fact, a vital system for maintaining not only a comfortable living environment, but more so, as a preventative measure for maintaining a healthy living environment. Most inhabitants of South Florida understand this, but most do not understand that HVAC systems are also one of the biggest bacteria breeding grounds in a home or building, which can distribute bacteria, pollutants, particles, allergens, mold, smoke; exacerbating the potential for sickness and severe health conditions.

A spokesperson for Miami Mold Specialists stated, “Miami Mold Specialists prides itself on staying on top of all industry updates. We are constantly researching and testing the latest and greatest systems, solutions, and technology as to give our clients the best, long lasting, outcome possible with our services. As such, to combat unsanitary and mold infested HVAC systems and respective duct work, our state certified technicians use the newest state of the art exclusive carry all ULV Particle Fogger system, which combats even the smallest of particles found in hard to reach areas, such as; central A/C units, vents, attics and crawlspaces.

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“The fogger uses our exclusive AirBiotics cleaning solution which is 100 percent organic, contains no VOCs, and is completely eco-friendly. Miami Mold Specialists offers one of the most comprehensive, multi-prong approaches for HVAC mold remediation; C02 hydrogenation, dry ice fumigation machines, hydroxyl generators, advanced industrial HEPA air filtration systems, electrostatic disinfecting systems,new ULV particle fogging systems, new heavy duty steam cleaners, and our all natural organic cleaning solutions are just some of Miami Mold Specialists latest equipment additions and upgrades implemented during one of our mold remediation projects.”

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