STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., Jan. 4, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Microcide® Inc. a leading Michigan based biotechnology company, today announced the test results of its COVID-19 faster virus killing range of products, PRO-SAN® Cleaner sanitizer, SILKY-SOFT® hand sanitizer, and DENTORAL® mouthwash.

Microcide product family including PRO-SAN

Microcide®’s EPA registered PRO-SAN® L RTU sanitizer spray product has been found to kill 99.999% SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) within 30 to 120 seconds as tested by a prestigious national laboratory. PRO-SAN® L spray product offers quick and safe elimination of the virus without any harmful effects. PRO-SAN® can limit the speed of fast spreading COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19 vaccine protection is delayed by at least 10 days before immunity of the body kicks in. The use of current disinfecting chemicals containing chlorine, quaternary ammonium sprays, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide alone or in combination offer disinfection protection which although effective, these products pose the possibility of indoor fire, and/or toxic pollution hazards. Additionally, these products cannot be freely used in enclosed spaces such as ho spital rooms. restaurants, school rooms, Day Care centers, planes, buses, and other public transportation systems where people are present.

PRO-SAN® L spray does not require such restrictions and can be conveniently used to control fast spreading COVID-19. Future COVID mutations should not affect the virus killing action of PRO-SAN® L.

Another unique feature of PRO-SAN® L spray is its long-lasting shelf stability and safety to handle, store, and transport. The product is freely available on our website as well as a limited number of retail markets as ready to use spray or instantly water-soluble powder concentrate.

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Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Microcide® has been developing nontoxic antimicrobial products utilizing only FDA approved food grade and GRAS ingredients to provide safer cleaners and sanitizers for use both commercially and in the home. The USDA biopreferred PRO-SAN® product line is available as ready to use spray, powder concentrate, and liquid concentrates for use in cleaning food contact hard surfaces and washing fruits and vegetables. SILKY-SOFT® hand sanitizer can be used with or without water and is available as liquid or foam. DENTORAL® alcohol free mouthwash is available as powder concentrate in mint or clove or our children’s bubble gum flavored sugar free SPRING-KISS®. Learn more:

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John A. Lopes Ph.D.
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