NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 17, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MINLOX, LLC, a chemical manufacturer based in Newport Beach, California, with multiple blending facilities globally, today announced the launch of its proprietary formula used to treat recreation waters as well as watersheds.

MINLOX - Ultimate Chemical for Water

This product proves to be a big game-changer for water service companies as it reduces their chemical footprint significantly. Similar to ozone but much more effective, this proven chemical is a multi-functional liquid that is simply applied in concentrate or dilution form to affected areas.

Historically, pool service and lake & pond service companies have relied on multiple, toxic chemicals to treat issues such as bacteria, algae and turbidity. In doing so, they have resorted to using as many as 5-10 chemicals to complete a job. This antiquated method is costly and provides risk with DBPs (disinfection by-products). The alternative method of using ozone to treat water is always a costly one and typically a last resort for many customers as well.

“To say that this technology is a disruptive, game-changer would be quite an understatement,” said company president, Wes Glenn. “Case in point: we helped a commercial pool service company save over $10K per month on their chemical bill. They were using 5K+ gallons of chlorine monthly for one of their customers and switched to MINLOX chemical which got the job done with only 500 gallons needed per month. They were pleasantly surprised, to say the least.”

This NSF/ANSI 60 approved chemical has an MSRP of $99 per gallon to the general public but is sold at distributor pricing to water service companies only. MINLOX does not sell direct to customers or retail outlets. Water service companies interested in distributing this product should contact the office for more information.

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Based in Newport Beach, California, MINLOX is a U.S. chemical manufacturer that has a proprietary catalyst which mixes with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite to create an earth-friendly, 100% biodegradable chemical for treating contaminated waters in many markets. This technology was developed in 2011 and has been used in several market around the world. This formula mimics nature by using ROS (reactive oxygen species) to disinfect, oxidize, sanitize, deodorize, remove biofilm and metals, etc.

The multi-functional benefit of MINLOX is that it replaces the need to use multiple, toxic chemicals. It works as a standalone product or can supplement chemicals such as ozone and chlorine more effectively.

MINLOX is open to distributorship in the California, Arizona and Nevada markets for 2021. They will pursue the North American markets in 2022 and the International markets in 2023.

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