BROCKTON, Mass., March 31, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Moduline Cabinets, a trusted custom cabinet manufacturer, announced the expansion of its flagship PROII™ cabinet series to serve van upfits. This unique expansion gives customers looking for an in-vehicle storage system even more storage options, in addition to Moduline’s Upfit™ Series.

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets

PROII™ cabinets have been a trusted cabinet storage solution for decades. The professional-grade, customizable cabinets are made from durable military-grade aluminum and are specially designed to maximize storage capacity and functionality.

Customers are free to mix-and-match PROII™ cabinet configurations to meet their storage needs, whether it is in the garage, at the shop, or now in their work vehicle. Traditionally, PROII™ cabinets are used in garages, industrial shops, and manufacturing settings. Now, the PROII™ cabinet line is expanding to meet the growing demand for van upfits. As more professionals are working on the go, they need more portable and secure storage solutions for their vehicles.

“We also put PROII Series cabinets in vans. Usually, it’s just wall cabinets, but sometimes full-blown setups with counters and everything. We’ve seen people order Upfit series and fill in with some PROII overheads, so we want customers to see our solutions for vans include both products,” said Tristan Riley, Moduline Cabinets engineer.

Now, consumers who need a safe and secure storage system in their van, trailer, box truck and more, can choose from Moduline’s PROII™ cabinets as well as Moduline’s Upfit™ Series. The Upfit™ Series, launched in 2020, offers more lightweight custom cabinet solutions designed specifically for vehicle upfit projects.

PROII™ cabinets are perfect to offer even more upfit storage options. PROII™ cabinets feature Moduline’s patented latch system that keeps drawers and cabinet doors securely shut without needing a lock and key. Customers can also add one of the PROII™ cabinet countertop options to their van upfits to create a workspace even when they are always on the go.

All Moduline cabinets come with a lifetime warranty to guarantee our manufacturing, materials, and workmanship.

You can learn more about the PROII™ cabinet series and its many applications on our website.

Moduline Cabinets designs and manufactures modular aluminum storage cabinets to fit the unique needs of our customers. For three decades, Moduline Cabinets have been used in homes, garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial buildings, industrial shops, and by the military. We pride ourselves on specializing in custom cabinet designs along with unmatched customer service.

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Moduline Cabinets is a premier designer and manufacturer of quality, American-made modular aluminum storage cabinets. Moduline cabinets can be found in residential garages, vehicles, trailers, commercial and industrial shops, military and other specialty applications. For over 30 years, Moduline has provided cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals, specializing in custom designs and unmatched customer service.

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