JINAN, China, Nov, 15, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MORN Technology Co., Ltd., a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, announced today that MORN® fiber laser cutting machine export business has gained great benefits from the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road initiated by China.

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Located in the second-tier city, Jinan of China, MORN® Group is an enterprising and industrious company who devotes to grow into a world competitive manufacturer in fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing industry. Having accumulated a decade of laser machine manufacture and export experience, MORN® has never been satisfied with what had been achieved and attaches more importance to the present practice and future development instead.

The development of any enterprise cannot live without following the national economic policies and international economic trend. Based on this belief, MORN® fiber laser cutting machine manufacture always keeps pace with updated economic situation and never acts blindly on his own. In recent years, the Belt and Road Initiative is the most powerful guider and beacon for MORN®’s laser machine manufacture and business development. And hopefully, great achievements have been made by MORN® whose fiber laser cutting machine export volume booms year after year.

Then, what driving force does the Belt and Road has brought? Firstly, the Belt and Road traverses Europe and Asia in which 65 countries are involved. The industrialization of these 65 countries varies from area and development history, almost covering the every stage of industrialization process, which is conductive to the formation of the complementary cooperation mode. Secondly, most of these countries stay in the mid-and post-industrialization stage that provides great opportunities to Chinese manufacturing industries.

Lastly, during their practice on economic and industrial development, the improvement of infrastructure and energy equipment poses great market demand for mechanical equipment. This is of great importance to MORN® fiber laser cutting machine manufacture and export.

Before the Belt and Road Initiative, most import countries of MORN® fiber laser cutting machine are developed European and north American countries. Things seemed to be changed, however, with the launch and motivation of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, MORN® has exported fiber laser cutting machines to more than 100 countries, of which the countries along the the Belt and Road account for a large part, like Singapore, Israel, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, etc. The Belt and Road is not only an economic development strategy aimed to seek mutual cooperation, but also like a string that links all the 65 countries together, sharing weal and woe.

Under the background that China strongly encourages the development of manufacturing industries, MORN®, a committed fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, will always put 100 percent effort to provide high quality and affordable fiber laser cutting machines to worldwide customers and prospects.

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