OWINGS MILLS, Md., and IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 11, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sales Boomerang, the mortgage industry’s top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, and Mortgage Coach, a platform empowering mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive home loan presentations, today announced that the Mortgage Coach platform will be integrated with Insellerate, a leading customer experience platform. The integration streamlines the sales process by enabling loan officers (LOs) to generate and customize Total Cost Analysis (TCA) loan presentations prefilled with contact data directly from the Insellerate customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management dashboard.

Mortgage Coach integrates with Insellerate
Image Caption: Mortgage Coach integrates with Insellerate.

Insellerate is a modern CRM platform that optimizes mortgage sales and marketing performance with lead management and sales enablement tools, automated multi-channel marketing campaigns and sales insights. Mortgage Coach helps lenders earn homebuyers’ business with educational presentations that compare mortgage strategies over time.

Integrated, the technologies equip LOs with the capabilities they need to efficiently contact leads and provide meaningful mortgage advice that earns their trust and loan commitment faster. Working through Insellerate’s CRM or its lead management dashboard, which intelligently prioritizes and distributes leads, users can generate TCAs that have been prefilled with contact data and click a button to instantly connect with leads. Equipped with Mortgage Coach borrower intelligence and TCA presentations, LOs can create custom loan comparisons based on borrowers’ unique financial and homeownership goals, enabling them to convert more leads to loans without ever leaving the Insellerate platform.

“Our partnership with Insellerate makes it easy and efficient for lenders to meaningfully connect with homebuyers by providing timely, relevant mortgage advice,” said Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach Chief Lending Officer Joe Puthur. “This integration is able to benefit every managed contact automatically, which is especially powerful for both retail LOs in a market where they must proactively pursue borrower relationships and for consumer direct LOs who cultivate a large volume of relationships over the phone. Insellerate identifies the best lead opportunities and Mortgage Coach illustrates the impact of all loan scenarios, together helping lenders find and fund every loan opportunity.”

“Partnering with Mortgage Coach will help our clients accelerate the sales and marketing process by providing LOs the technology they need to connect with and deliver value to home buyers,” said Insellerate CEO Josh Friend. “We’re proud to provide LOs this new benefit within our platform so lenders can ensure every lead receives personalized mortgage advice, without ever leaving the Insellerate platform.”

About Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach:

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach are trusted by more than 300 lenders, including brokers, independent mortgage companies, credit unions and banks to connect borrowers with the right loan at the right time.

Sales Boomerang transformed the relationship between mortgage lenders and borrowers with the introduction of the first automated borrower intelligence system in 2017. The company’s intelligent alerts notify lenders as soon as a past customer or prospect is ready and credit-qualified for a loan. As the mortgage industry’s #1 borrower retention tool, Sales Boomerang helps lenders build lasting borrower relationships that maximize lifetime customer value. To learn more, visit https://www.salesboomerang.com.

Mortgage Coach is an award-winning platform that empowers mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive presentations that model home loan performance over time. The company’s side-by-side loan comparisons allow borrowers to make faster, more informed mortgage decisions while enabling lenders to consistently deliver an on-brand, consultative home financing experience that increases borrower pull-through, repeat business and referrals. To learn more, visit https://www.mortgagecoach.com.

About Insellerate:

Insellerate helps loan officers close more loans with our award-winning modern CRM, Lead Management, and Engagement platform, which handles all your lending channels, retail, wholesale, TPO, Consumer Direct, and Reverse. Our advanced APIs allow seamless connectivity to your tech stack, and our native mobile application will enable loan officers to work on their files from anywhere. Powered with AgentConnect, we empower loan officers to engage more effectively with real estate agents and borrowers, resulting in higher lead conversion rates, lower origination costs, and more closed loans. For more information, visit https://insellerate.com/ or contact us at 855-973-1646.

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