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LOS ANGELES, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Woody Lawhon, Hollywood-renowned robotics, animatronics and special effects developer for director greats such as Ron Howard, Robert Redford, Lawrence Kasdan and Clint Eastwood, to name a few, launches the company Moving Mannequins(TM) ( which creates mannequins that have the look of movie quality goods, yet are priced to accommodate the retail industry. Lawhon’s years of expertise in making lifelike exact doubles of actors and other celebrities was the perfect foundation for his transition into manufacturing display mannequins for the fashion industry. To further enhance the realism, the company has incorporated robotic movement, changing the course of mannequin history.

Moving Mannequins(TM) has created tremendous buzz in an otherwise static market. The company’s talented team of master craftsmen, sculptors, finishing artists, and quality controllers ensure commitment to unparalleled realism in the finished product. Moving Mannequins was established to fill the demand for an extremely lifelike display mannequin, which when coupled with movement, stimulates emotion and draws excited attention to the display.

Every element of the finished product is carefully selected and executed with the goal of superior realism in mind. The company outperforms current industry standards with advances in skin texturing and pigmentation, utilizing 7-layers of paint to achieve a realistic human skin appearance, and the use of prosthetic eyes, which further enhances the lifelike quality in the mannequins.

While in the movie industry, Lawhon was challenged with creating exact doubles of people and animals that were animated electronically. This experience has motivated him to apply these same techniques to the mannequin industry — incorporating movie biz technology into the mass production of mannequins. For over three years, Woody has been perfecting this latest trend in mannequin development that includes designing and producing exact replicas of fashion models, as well as characters creating a scene.

“One of the main reasons for making the move from special effects to Moving Mannequins is that over the years I have pooled together some of the most talented artists who have the wonderful capability of tricking the public into thinking that a dummy is actually a human,” says Woody Lawhon, CEO of Moving Mannequins. “Taking what was a static environment and adding lifelike features and motion, such as a head turn, seemed to be a logical next step. Our mission statement is simple: we are committed to creating the most realistic and innovative mannequins in the world, reaching a thrilling new level in the arena of competitive merchandising.”


* Drives traffic – Attracts more buyers

* Sales generator – Sales motivator

* Combines realism with motion

* Holds Attention – Keeps shoppers at display longer

* Brand awareness – Customers view products with greater interest

* Value Added to the total customer experience

* Redefines window shopping

The next phase for Moving Mannequins(TM) will be to develop mannequins for major designers. For example, the company would produce mannequins that are exact replicas of the fashion models already being utilized for a specific television and/or print advertising campaign, and place them in the in the designer’s storefront windows or next to their display for increased brand association.

Moving Mannequins(TM) are created and manufactured in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit or call (877) 405-3500.

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