HOUSTON, Texas, June 16, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MHIT Business Services, Inc. – the parent company of MyDoctorsChat – a fully scalable, HIPAA compliant enterprise mobile telemedicine software solution for doctors, patients and healthcare organizations believes that the evolution of telemedicine technology offers improved access to healthcare and provides new, sophisticated opportunities for healthcare providers to address their patients’ unique healthcare needs.

MHIT Business Services, Inc.
On Monday, the AMA adopted guidance for ethical practice in telemedicine, providing specific recommendations to physicians regarding how their fundamental responsibilities might be different when patient interactions occur through telemedicine. MHIT Business Services, Inc. fully embraces the AMA’s new guidelines which permit physicians utilizing telehealth and telemedicine technology to exercise discretion in their use of telemedicine.

Dr. Jordan Balencic, Strategic Medical Advisor to MyDoctorsChat, reported that: “We applaud the AMA’s encouragement of physicians to become more actively engaged in telemedicine in order to further enhance technology standards, and increase access to patients who want to utilize telemedicine services. Improving safe access to vital healthcare resources has been part of our vision from the beginning.”

Will Lowe, CEO and Co-Founder of MHIT Business Services, Inc. stated: “We view ourselves as a systems integration company. Our mobile telemedicine offering from a cost-benefit standpoint makes a lot of sense, especially when addressing the diverse needs of healthcare organizations in their strategic planning and deployment stages. Our cloud-based software enables the implementation of a complete telemedicine solution across a large health network without requiring extensive development costs and time.”

Mr. Lowe further stated that “Our aim in licensing the innovative technology behind MyDoctorsChat is to offer healthcare organizations a complete, secure telemedicine solution that strengthens the patient-doctor relationship so that physicians can provide safe, and cost-effective remote care directly to their patients.”

MyDoctorsChat provides healthcare organizations with a fully deployed web-based application as well as a complete iOS bundle for the iPhone and iPad along with all Android devices. The iOS and Android Mobile Apps are available in The App Store and Google Play.

“We believe a large opportunity exists in both Mexico and Latin America for telemedicine and were excited about the growing interest from groups in Mexico City and Monterey Mexico,” concluded Lowe. “We’re excited to begin deploying our technology on a Global scale.”

More information: http://mydoctorschat.com/.

Will Lowe
MHIT Business Services Inc

News Source: MHIT Business Services, Inc.