LANCASTER, Pa. , Nov. 4, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — National Access Corp. (NAC), an access and mobility provider focused on improving the lives of the physically disabled and elderly population, has launched its “Make it Better” – “One at a Time” initiative, which seeks out deserving individuals needing access or mobility related equipment or home modifications.

NAC - National Access Corp.
“The goal of the initiative is to find individuals or families who may not be able to afford some of the more costly equipment or modifications and to provide them for free or at a reduced cost,” stated NAC’s operations manager, Tory Buffenmyer. “We understand that some of the costs associated with specialized medical equipment, and especially home modifications, can be rather costly and out of range financially for some families. Our goal is to give back to our communities directly by providing life changing access or mobility solutions for free, or at cost to a handful of individuals.”

NAC’s slogan “founded on the simple principle of helping others” certainly rings true with this new initiative.

“We got into this space as a result of wanting to improve the lives of those facing access or mobility related issues as a result of a disability or aging. One of our founding partners had a personal experience where a family member became suddenly disabled. After spending several months trying to find help for his family member, he decided there was a need not being met and that something had to be done,” said NAC’s spokesman Darian Epstein.

“We’re providing resources for families and individuals who find themselves needing help and answers to some of life’s changes, our goal is to be the first place people turn when the need arises” continued Epstein.

NAC’s community outreach director, Shannon Taylor, described the initiative as an experiment. “We’re going to try this out with a handful of individuals to see how it goes. Our goal is to document a few cases that really outline the need within our communities, and to then garner support from local businesses wanting to make a difference in the lives of others.” Taylor continued, “one thing that really surprised me when I got involved with NAC, was the tremendous need for what we do. For every person you see publicly, living with a disability, there at least ten more in the immediate area that you will never see because they live as shut ins – they lack the access or mobility required to make it out and into society. We’re planning on changing that.”

National Access Corp. is a Pennsylvania corporation with offices in Lancaster and Philadelphia, operating throughout the mid-Atlantic region. NAC specializes in providing straight forward solutions for access and mobility. Individuals needing anything from a wheelchair ramp or a barrier free shower, to a stairlift or scooter can contact NAC for free in-home consultations.

“We handle several lines of stairlifts, wheelchair platform lifts, in home elevators, scooters and scooter carriers, access ramps etc., and can do most any type of modification to residential or commercial buildings in order to make them accessible,” said NAC’s Buffenmyer.

To learn more about the initiative individuals should contact NAC at (717) 826-9431, or visit the website:

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News Source: National Access Corp.