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New Insights Reveal How Americans Can Feel Their Sovereignty More Deeply

SANTA FE, NM (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — If liberals are to regain the political ascendancy, they need a breakthrough in their understanding of themselves and the forces that oppose them, writes in-depth psychotherapist Peter Michaelson in his new book, “Democracy’s Little Self-Help Book” (ISBN 1-4259-1218-4).

Michaelson’s book, his fifth, is a nonpartisan attempt to expose hidden dynamics in the country’s political divide. Written in 41 short chapters of witty, stylish prose, this 230-page book brings deep psychological knowledge to a wide readership. Michaelson writes as “an objective liberal,” identifying the psychological source of right-wing power as well as hidden glitches in the liberal psyche.

“Whatever is unresolved inside of us gets acted out in the world,” he says.

Among the many points he makes about his fellow liberals:

1. We live in substantial ignorance of our inner dynamics. We do not understand our own inner processes such as transference, projection, identification, and resistance. These processes deeply impact how we experience ourselves, each other, and the world.

2. For psychological reasons, we identify with victims and, through them, feel deprived, helpless, rejected, abandoned, and devalued, all of which are feelings that deep down are unresolved in us.

3. We fail to see the significance and power of our inner right wing-our inner critic. The critical part is a force of aggression-an illegitimate inner authority-to which we are passive. An unconscious dynamic involving our inner critic and inner passivity serves as a template for our feelings and reactions in the world.

4. Our relationships to the right wing-our dissent, protests, reactions, and even ideas-are often passive-aggressive and self-defeating. We can be defiant, but are uncomfortable with power because emotionally we associate it with injustice, oppression, and abuse, which are our inner experiences vis-a-vis our inner critic.

Michaelson, a former journalist and science writer, exposes scores of psychological and emotional factors that have been subverting political processes and social harmony.

Democracy’s Little Self-Help Book, Author House, 2006. 230 pages. ISBN 1-4259-1218-4

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