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The ever-mysterious and controversial paradox is clarified for the first time in simplistic mathematical terms, rendering it intelligently and universally designed

HOUSTON, TX – August 30 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Intelligent design versus randomness, or evolution, and duality versus isolationism are current issues being fiercely debated. Surprisingly, the widely embraced rationale that has tipped the scale towards happenstance for almost a century is now coming under assault from different corners within the scientific and educational communities, themselves. This new uprising is appearing in books and articles across the globe boldly challenging old dogmas about design, giving new-founded credence to intelligent structuring in the most unsuspected areas.

The newly-released book from iUniverse Publishers, “Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone,” by Jane Weir embarks on an eye-opening journey into the obscure realm of paradoxes and proves that instead of mysticism and contradiction these ubiquitous equations, ironically, reveal a secret inner and higher form of order-specifically, the long sought after and ever-elusive universal blueprint.

According to the book, the paradox is a hidden treasure waiting the benefactor who discovers its amazing structure. Ms. Weir validates paradoxical duality, defying the accepted norm that has corrupted advanced thinking for decades, lifting it from the sad status of being contradictory to its rightful place as the perfect educational continuum. “Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone” contradicts the assumption that “true science” can only be applied to the less relevant aspects of our lives, such as math-or, that it is impossible to answer the age-old question “What is truth?”

The author writes, “In sharp contrast to today’s foreboding politically correct posturing, there is a formula that measures all things in the precise way that we know with certainty that two plus two equals four.”

“Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone” presents a connecting and continuing flow on the study of paradoxes, revealing their fundamental laws and applications in many graphic illustrations. For the first time, the stuffy, unapproachable subject of paradoxes is taken off the elevated shelves of the educated hierarchy and put on the level of everyday life making it relevant to all things and explicable to everyone, not just the few. Throughout its pages, detailed scientific data, ranging from Socrates to Einstein to the Chaos Scientists, is applied to basic transactions and given simple resolve.

Ms. Weir finally opens the door to the real nature of opposites and continuums, making them specific evaluating tools that anyone can use, and at the same time, enabling the measurement of truth and validity in all matters in the same precise way that we solve simple math problems. Thus, exposing the paradoxical continuum as the quintessential classroom, no matter where it is applied.


Jane Weir has been studying opposites and paradoxes since 1975. After putting her husband through college and earning a PHT degree, raising a family, plus various community endeavors, she turned this life-long scientific research and pursuit into print. From diapers to DNA, her continual exchange of highly technical scientific knowledge with everyday common experiences provided a wide-range spectrum for observing life’s intricate parts and extremely varied transactions. She and her husband reside close to the Houston vicinity in the beautiful countryside of East Texas, playing occasional host to eleven grandchildren.

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Title: Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone
Author: Jane Weir
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc., May – 2005
ISBN: 0-595-34480-1
4 x 9 paperback, 150 pp., 25 b&w illustrations,
$14.95 (Editor’s Choice)

“Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone” is available now at:

also available by order through most online bookstores.

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