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The psychological basis for the inherent individualism aspect of capitalism verily emulates the evolutionary ideology of Hitler

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — In the minds of most people, Adolf Hitler represents the very effigy of what Satan himself symbolizes. Yet in terms of human behavior, the actions of Hitler as well as the ideological basis for such actions are not unlike those prevalent today. Due to the slavish reliance of humans upon our perceptions, the genocide nature of the human species is not relegated to merely a few, but such actions are capable of extending to every human within the proper environment. “The Third Reich, A Revolution of Ideological Inhumanity – Volume I – The Power of Perception” by Everette O Lemons, makes a unique connection between the psychological nature of humans and the environment in which we exist, and specifically in terms of our political and economic inclinations.

Caption: Book cover for “The Third Reich” by Everette O Lemons.

Thus, the importance of perceptions in regards to human behavior, regardless of racial or genetic compositions is demonstrated within this historical context. Socialistic in nature, the book attempts to shed light upon the demerits concerning the individualistic nature of capitalism in sustaining an adequate political and economic environment for everyone. The very idea of human self-preservation is directly predicated from contentment, which ultimately reveals itself through personal advancement. Such advancements ultimately create the ‘natural selection’ aspect of Darwinian Evolution that is not only inherent within capitalism, but was the very basis for Hitler’s own race based ideology.

The book covers many aspects concerning psychology, economics, politics, government, genetics, and of course history.

The Third Reich
A Revolution of Ideological Inhumanity
Volume I – The Power of Perception
By Everette O Lemons

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc. Available from
Book is also available on sites such as,, Barnes&, and others. (Search term Third Reich Perception or search by author Everette Lemons).

Book Details: 553 pages, 8.5 x 11.0 in., Perfect-bound, 60# white interior paper, black and white Interior ink, 100# white exterior paper, full-color (CMYK) exterior.
ISBN: 1-4116-1932-3 Price: $39.95 Download Price: $14.34

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