SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Nov. 12, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Neurotech Press announces the publication of a new book that profiles some of the unsung heroes of medical technologies: the brave people who were among the first to use a new or experimental therapy or device. “Bionic Pioneers: Brave Neurotech Users Blaze the Trail to New Therapies” (ISBN: 978-0-9882342-2-2), by Jennifer French and James Cavuoto, tells the stories of 10 courageous individuals with neurological disabilities who made the decision to participate in a clinical trial or become a recipient of a newly approved neurotech device to treat their conditions.

These pioneering users not only improved their own quality of life-they helped advance the pace of technological progress that will undoubtedly make life even better for other people suffering from the same condition in the future.

In each chapter, we learn the often painful details of how a neurological disorder has impacted someone’s life. We also gain insight into how each person came to accept a novel or experimental neurotech therapy and we learn how these marvels of engineering achieve their effect.

Among the users profiled in the book are a blind woman who receives one of the first retinal prostheses, a man who used a new rehabilitation device to restore hand and arm function after a stroke, and a new mother who discovers a new neurostimulation therapy to treat her fecal incontinence.

The book is one of the few health and medicine titles that pays tribute to the users who literally put life and limb on the line to help develop new neurotech therapies. “We think it’s time that end-users got some recognition for the contributions they’ve made to medical science,” said James Cavuoto, co-author and editor at Neurotech Press.

“Bionic Pioneers” is published by Neurotech Press and is available in print and e-book formats.

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“Bionic Pioneers”
ISBN 978-0-9882342-2-2
by Jennifer French and James Cavuoto
134 pages
$19.95 Print Paperback
$9.95 e-book

Contact: James Cavuoto, Neurotech Press

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