NEW YORK, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- A new book authored by Lionell Leaf, “Quality Time 101 Basic Journal: LEDGER” (ISBN: 978-1944385958), is the companion book to “Quality Time 101 Basic Journal: Amorous Amour Coupling Innuendos” (ISBN: 978-1944385668) and is designed to inspire couples to try new things: to act on ideas and to work together to develop something great.

BOOK: Quality Time 101 Basic Journal Ledger
Leaf, also known as L.A.M.E. 1 (Love and Making Expert) has created a new type of roadmap meant to make people think about what could be instead of what could have been.

Great ideas happen all the time, but how often is there real follow through? Most ideas never actually materialize. Having a thought is one thing, but bringing and producing it for market is another. “Quality Time 101 Basic Journal: LEDGER” inspires couples to act rather than let their ideas languish. It shares forms, ledgers and other important business resources to help couples get organized and to protect their business rights.

Its companion book, “Quality Time 101 Basic Journal: Amorous Amour Coupling Innuendos” helps couples to get closer on a more personal level which serves to help them plot and plan for future fortune.

These books not only address business wealth, but love wealth too. They’re intended to change the way couples think when it comes to business and love.

“Couples will never think about amorous foreplay the same way – whether in or out of the bedroom,” Leaf says. “These books will help them to achieve things they never thought possible. For example, that business idea could develop into a substantial piece of change and that could lead to a host of adventures that only serve to deepen the relationship at hand.”

Leaf lays down some basic ground rules that serve to set the stage. For example, he suggests that couples should open a joint business account – but advises that the investments need to be equal. Unparalleled equity and equality for both.

“Savvy business-minded couples will benefit from these books in more ways than one,” Leaf says.

About the Author:
Lionell founded LIONELL, Inc. in 2001. He’s an author, game creator, inventor and entrepreneur. To request a review copy, call: 1-347-456-6838.

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