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SEDONA, AZ (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New author Desiree Michele not only tells a personal story but also teaches valuable lessons as she bravely explores the darkest side of the spiritual realm, along with the healing energy of Divine White Light as a means to heal the body, mind, soul & home of all negativity and disease. “You Are Born of the Light” is available in paperback (ISBN: 09762160-3-5, Infinity Books) through or

Desiree Michele is a new voice in the new age circuit. As a Psychic Medium, Certified Holistic Healing Counselor & Hypnotheraist, Desiree urges all to become spiritually aware as there is an increasing need to spiritually protect your children and loved ones from spirits of darkness who can spiritually & physically possess, hex, harm, attack, cause illness or life-changing situations.

Through the eyes of a psychic, we learn the real horrors that cannot not be seen with the naked eye, for they only exist on the spiritual or astral plane. She reflects how the spiritual world or realm is intricately placed within our physical world and all of us are vulnerable. The evolution of all is at risk, and education & knowledge are the key to deliverance.

A practical guide to spiritual releasement & spiritual clearings goes far beyond its call of duty when the author spiritually & psychically explores the dark and devious realm of the unknown to find answers to the hexes & hauntings she was currently experiencing in her own personal life. Several months pass and the hexes and hauntings do not stop. She digs even deeper only to find that the root of her problems began with an acquaintance in 800 B.C.

The spiritual problems or attacks are not only affecting the author and her young son, but also many others. She psychically envisions large numbers of children and adults who are spiritually being sought out. Many victims of darkness experience nightmares of sex & violence, mood swings & depression (just to name a few symptoms), but in a real sense they could very well be an innocent victim of the attack of evil spirits. She goes into eminent detail to explain exactly how Satan worshippers and others dark souls purposely hex and adamantly demonize their victims.

While investigating & uncovering the source of her pain & anguish, she discovers a 6000 year old secret which is profoundly enough to change the direction of many souls and hopefully lead our world out of destruction, disease, demonization and to peace.

This book is not only a practical guide to learning to “own” your own space, but the prayer work and healing meditations will prove essential in our modern day, new age of the “Great Awakening.” This is a time in our planet’s history when all energies are extremely sensitive and we realize just how much our spirituality directly & indirectly affects our lives.

“A story involving the author and her young son could be considered a real life modern day horror story.” The author hopes to help others by telling her story and sharing her knowledge of spiritual releasement & clearings. This new age, self-help book is very unique, honest, & inspirational and it clearly is a bible in itself.

The author’s 2nd book, “Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Through Automatic Writing,” is due to be out in spring of 2006, and is the perfect accompaniment to You Are Born of the Light. In her 2nd book, Desiree teaches that all of us are naturally psychic. She reassures you by learning the art and practice of automatic writing is the fastest way to make your psychic senses come alive with vibrancy and vitality, as you will learn how to contact spiritual guides and angels for guidance and knowledge, while you take total and complete control of your life. Both books go well together and will be a blessing for all especially in time of need.

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