ATLANTA, Ga., May 5, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — When Bryson Thompson, Sr.’s mother passed away from stomach cancer in 2016, he grappled with how to tell his 3-year old son that he would never see his beloved grandmother again. It was this life-changing event that sparked him to write, “How Angels are Made” (ISBN: 978-1735023809).

Book, How Angels Are Made
Thompson wrote the first version only two days after returning from his mother’s funeral when it became apparent that his son needed more answers than he was readily able to give. His son was confused and grieving and needed help to work through this trying time which turned the world he knew upside down.

Bryson focused his energy to create a book that would help him and his family to clearly communicate with their son about grief and death. He quickly realized that if this book could help his family to heal, it could help others too. He also saw a need for a book that focused on an African-American family.

“There are very few books on the subject where African Americans are at the center,” he says.

Based on a true story about the bond between Bryson’s son and mother, “How Angels are Made” is a transformational children’s book that fosters needed conversations between youth and adults about grief and death. It highlights actual conversations that took place between he, his wife and their son.

In the beginning, the book highlights their personal relationship and then moves into the family’s experience of dealing with loss.

Bryson exceeded his Kickstarter campaign goal with one week left, which ironically happened the day before his mother’s birthday, and plans to end the campaign, which is now in its “stretch goal” and appropriately scheduled to end on Mother’s Day. The additional funds will allow Bryson to provide even more free copies of the book to local schools, libraries and children who have lost a loved one or friend, than originally anticipated.

“With one in five youth currently having to deal with the death of someone close to them by the time they are 19, ‘How Angels are Made’ will resonate with many families around the world,” Bryson says. “It’s also ideal for schools, therapists, church groups and more. My hope is that this book will be a tool to help change lives.”

Author Bryson Thompson Sr.
About the Author
Bryson Thompson has more than 10 years’ experience as a special education teacher and mental health professional. He’s a husband, father, educator, mentor and entrepreneur. He has dedicated his life to finding ways to uplift young men and women. With a degree in Special Education from Clemson University and a Masters in Behavior/Learning Disabilities from Georgia State University, he continually works to find ways to enhance the life and experience of the future generation.

The book will be available to the public in June and pre-orders can be made here:

Support the Kickstarter campaign through Sunday, May 10, 2020: How Angels Are Made Kickstarter Campaign

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