SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Sept. 22, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Cogensia, a data-driven marketing firm, recently launched a breakthrough restaurant marketing solution – Dining Segments. The segments categorize U.S. households based on eight of the most popular dining categories. The segmentation places every consumer into different profiles based on hundreds of demographic, survey, lifestyle and interest data elements. The segments are applied to all 120 million households in Cogensia’s Consumer IntelliBase and are available for email and direct mail targeting.

“We are excited to release Dining Segments to help restaurants drive more traffic from new customers,” Brad Rukstales, Cogensia president and CEO, says. “Dining Segments allow marketers to maximize their budget by targeting the consumers most likely to dine at their restaurant.”

And, when marketers can specifically target dining categories, they receive higher response rates, higher average tickets and increased traffic. The eight dining categories are: White Table Cloth, Grilled & Seared, Bar & Grill, Bon Appetito, Quick & Casual, Pizza Lovers, Sweet Tooth and Caffeinated Breakfast. A consumer will be identified in one or more categories based on what is known about their behaviors.

When the average household spends $2,625 dining out, just $51 on average per week, this leaves many restaurateurs competing for the same dollars. Dining Segments allow marketers to easily identify and target specific consumers in their area.

“In fact, Dining Segments give restaurateurs the ability to take action and target local consumers who are dining at the competition,” Rukstales adds.

For example, a fine dining restaurateur headquartered in Chicago sought to drive traffic to his 50 national locations. The fine dining profile (White Table Cloth) identified that there were one million U.S. households that valued the upscale service of white table cloth venues. These discerning guests typically order a bottle of wine, prefer a formal atmosphere, value healthy options and have an average check of more than $100.

Using Cogensia’s IntelliList Audience Selector tool, this restaurateur entered the 50 location zip codes and defined his search to within a 5-mile radius. Instantly, he was able to identify 71,000 fine dining households within his market to target with a specialized offer and drive guests to his establishments. The response rate based on this target selection was 1.9 percent. The results drove 27 new tables per location, almost one per night. The cost of the program was only $566 per location, and generated almost $3,000 profit at each restaurant.

This customer also realized cost savings. Traditional marketing included media buys, print advertisements and social media promotion. Dining Segments identified the exact audience they wanted to reach for a fraction of the cost.

“Dining Segments are a leading-edge restaurant marketing tool. It’s designed to help restaurant marketers with local marketing, and to drive traffic to the restaurant the same day that the email marketing message is sent,” Joel Schiltz, Cogensia’s senior vice president and COO, says. “There’s just nothing else that provides the restaurant industry with such specific details about household dining preferences and behaviors.”

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